John Wesley Harding - Sing Your Own Song video free download

Duration: 03:21
Uploaded: 2011/10/07

Music video by John Wesley Harding performing Sing Your Own Song. Yep Roc Records


3 years ago

Mu M

I love him for 2 reasons. 1: He's amazing 2: Hipsters dont know him. Only down side is, no one knows him. Id prefer if he was more mainstream. Then people will be able to appreciate him more. He deserves it. 

6 years ago


Diddly-dang dagnabbit. I hate not being in the record selling biz now. Completely missed on this new record! Picked it up just today. Awesome stuff.

6 years ago


It seems like Mr. Mirman doesn't quite know all the words.

6 years ago


AL? Is that you?

6 years ago


En archai hen ho logos, kai ho logos en pros ton theon, kai theos hen ho logos. Amen!

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