John Wesley Harding - Kill the Messenger video free download

Duration: 04:47
Uploaded: 2009/07/27

John Wesley Harding & the English UK perform "Kill the Messenger" at Riverside Gardens, Red Bank, NJ 7/24/09

Sponsored by Brookdale Community College public radio station, 90.5 the Night. Uploaded with verbal permission from JWH.


2 years ago

Cynthia Allen

Now I have to listen to Jack's Mannequin! Thanks!

2 years ago

aRose ByAnyOtherName

Nice! Someone suggested I listen to this song to better understand the meaning of the song "Kill the Messenger" by Jack's Mannequin, as they seem to be vaguely linked. The choruses especially sound very similar, although I think this song was out before and inspired the other. Anyway, great song!

7 years ago


Julian Assange This ones for you! "They need someone of stature; who can set them, an example."

8 years ago


@cindylouallen Right on. I saw John in Denver back in the late '90's. It was him and one other guy. One of the best shows I've ever seen, very skillful and funny.

8 years ago

Pat Glennon

nice to see a band so some songs that really crave a band can be played!

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