John Legend - Surefire (Piano Version) [Audio] video free download

Duration: 04:03
Uploaded: 2017/06/23

John Legend's "Surefire" Piano Version

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9 months ago


The 119 people that disliked this need to go somewhere with that mess... Y'all don't know real music!

9 months ago

Duu MaKa

i love it...

9 months ago

Afia Agyeman Antwi

John is so underrated... He's a GOAT

9 months ago

Salma K

I love the original, but this is better !

9 months ago

Evilacantora Goiania

My dream and sing a song with you that beautiful voice, what love to touch every note, that the creator of all the universe always blesses you, much love I feel in your songs

9 months ago

Adeoluwa Osadare

wow love every single one has he brings em out

9 months ago

Marie Keats

great thanks

9 months ago

Maritza Ramos

he so awesome!!!

9 months ago

Eytyxia Spyridaki

Congrats sir Legend!! You exceeded everyone's expectations with this version

9 months ago


just when I thought this song can't get any better❤

9 months ago

Asmaâ Ait Bella

Thinking of him while listening to this fucking song before million views.Oh my God i m really so tired ❤

10 months ago

Nihed Ramoul

Perfect ❤

10 months ago


존나 좋다 쎆ㅡ쓰

10 months ago

cinnamon slice

This song... liking this version.. . This track has a young edge to it.. Sounds great to me....

10 months ago

Pattie Jerke

your blue flame is still going within why not one more nite

10 months ago

Maite Padron


10 months ago

Aron Key

10 months ago

Linda Westerlund

Beautiful voice <3 :)

10 months ago

Stefany Jamilex Molina

Excellent song I love .... it transmits many emotions ♥

10 months ago

cutemoonster 25


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