John Legend - Surefire (Piano Version) [Audio] video free download

Duration: 04:03
Uploaded: 2017/06/23

John Legend's "Surefire" Piano Version

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1 month ago


The 119 people that disliked this need to go somewhere with that mess... Y'all don't know real music!

1 month ago

Duu MaKa

i love it...

1 month ago

Afia Agyeman Antwi

John is so underrated... He's a GOAT

1 month ago

Salma K

I love the original, but this is better !

1 month ago

Evilacantora Goiania

My dream and sing a song with you that beautiful voice, what love to touch every note, that the creator of all the universe always blesses you, much love I feel in your songs

1 month ago

Adeoluwa Osadare

wow love every single one has he brings em out

1 month ago

Marie Keats

great thanks

1 month ago

Maritza Ramos

he so awesome!!!

1 month ago

Eytyxia Spyridaki

Congrats sir Legend!! You exceeded everyone's expectations with this version

1 month ago


just when I thought this song can't get any better❤

1 month ago

Asmaâ Ait Bella

Thinking of him while listening to this fucking song before million views.Oh my God i m really so tired ❤

1 month ago

Nihed Ramoul

Perfect ❤

1 month ago


존나 좋다 쎆ㅡ쓰

1 month ago

cinnamon slice

This song... liking this version.. . This track has a young edge to it.. Sounds great to me....

1 month ago

Pattie Jerke

your blue flame is still going within why not one more nite

1 month ago

Maite Padron


1 month ago

Aron Key

1 month ago

Linda Westerlund

Beautiful voice <3 :)

1 month ago

Stefany Jamilex Molina

Excellent song I love .... it transmits many emotions ♥

1 month ago

cutemoonster 25


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