John Denver - Back Home Again (with lyrics) video free download

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Uploaded: 2011/12/26


2 years ago


I must thank you for posting. It was a very bright beam of hope to a Young girl in a dark place.His music became my sanctuary.Matt God Bless you and your home abundantly Amen!

3 years ago

Marge Gentry

john was a very friendly man... loved to hear him singno one knows what happened that fatal day except God....R.I.P. John

3 years ago


Does anyone know the name of the back up singer.Great song and a legend. RIP

3 years ago



3 years ago

Rachel Sturm

I think that this song is my very favorite one!

3 years ago


One of the best singer/songwriters of our time.

3 years ago

Nechia Lee

Thanks so much for posting, this song is so amazing. This is what makes life wonderful!!!!!

3 years ago

Eileen R Chandler

John Denver one of the great old singer,s I STILL LOVE HIS MUSIC TOO DAY!!!!!!! LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS NV!!!!!!!!!!! DAT: 4/26/2015 - TIME: 6:45 P.M. John Denver will live on for ever in my heart.

3 years ago

Cynthia Pittman

I love and miss HIM

3 years ago

remo remoli

Favoloso country americano, musica ed esecutore che favorisce la distensione ed il relax ! grande qualità di musica, grande John Denver

3 years ago

Richard Evey

This makes me so sad, my childhood was total crap

3 years ago

Becky Humphries

Yes it is...

3 years ago

August Mezzetta

God Bless you, John. We miss you.

3 years ago


I'll miss him forever. Such a good good soul.

3 years ago

khekuto khulu

reminds me of my late younger brother Inavi who was so fond of this song and used to sing it so well. music is the best medium between past,present and future and even between the living and the dead. Thank you john

3 years ago

jo luttringer

Une chanson est rarement parfaite...Celle-ci l'est ! A écouter avec un casque possédant une préamplification : vous percevrez distinctement la partie de guitare de James Burton durant toute la chanson; tous les instruments bénéficient d'une captation de son inégalée. A découvrir. JL

3 years ago

Joyce archa

I love and miss you JD----

3 years ago

Paul Myers

I saw JD early 70's at a little club in Washington DC called the Cellar Door... Actually I saw many wonderful artists at the beginning of their careers there... I loved his music before he was "cool"... This version of "Back homeAgain" is outstanding isn't it?

3 years ago


I was in a Walgreens this morning and John Denver's song "Back Home Again" came on through the piped in music. It brought back so many memories from my younger years. I almost cried when I heard the song. I wanted to start singing along right in the store! I had forgotten what happened to him, so I looked him up online and I remembered when he died in the plane crash. So sad! He was one of the greatest songwriters of all time. His songs always seemed to touch very deeply. May his music live on!

3 years ago


Love this song i play guitar and sing it myself at least once a week!!! John Denver's voice is sooo sweet!

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