Jimmy Eat World - Sure and Certain (Lyric Video) video free download

Duration: 03:30
Uploaded: 2016/08/30

The New Album 'Integrity Blues' out 10/21! Get "Sure and Certain" Now:

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Also, listen now to the new song "Get Right":

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1 year ago

Cody S

I don't get where all these dislikes are coming from...everyone seems to be pretty on board with this song

1 year ago

Giga Gamby

One of my favorite bands and they still have the same deep tone they did 10 years ago. Don't ever change <3

1 year ago

Nicholas O'Loughlin

We all should be thankful that we live in a world where new Jimmy Eat World music is a possibility.

1 year ago

Uncool Cult

Why are there so many dislikes?

1 year ago

Luke Froelich

Can someone explain the like-dislike ratio for this video? Just not seeing what's controversial here; not to say the song is incredible on listen #1 but little to warrant a dislike. Comments read mostly positively.

1 year ago


Reminds me of Mew

1 year ago


What a great song

1 year ago


I'm really lovin' this one.

1 year ago

Joe Kuduk

Nice! I can listen to this album without my girlfriend freaking out! (Damages being a breakup album last time...)

1 year ago

Nikunj Jassal

90's vibe all over again.

1 year ago

Marcos Ferreira Santos

Been waiting since Damage! Sure and Certain Good Music!!!!

1 year ago

John Hill

Not a fan of the video but that's not why I listen to Jimmy Eat World. They just write great songs, and this is another one. Can't wait for the album - it's been too long.

1 year ago

Hugh Janus

these lyrics are awfully vapid. sounds like a 14 year old wrote them. disliked.

1 year ago

Aski Pratama

2016 honestly is a good year for music

1 year ago

Cal C

Amazing song. That guitar tone is the shit

1 year ago

Michael Cera Fans

Why does this video have so many dislikes? Can't people accept that such amazing rock bands are making a comeback this year?

1 year ago

Thieves & Lovers

You guys have been a constant inspiration for us!

1 year ago

Michael Walgreen

The lyrics in the chorus seem so simple, but when you really look at them they have so much meaning. When you're young, you're sure and certain of the world around you. You travel (wander) the world and seek new things until you get too old for it. You think about (wonder) of all the opportunities in this life and where you can see yourself be until something or someone breaks you, forcing you to become cold and close minded. In a sense you find yourself in the beginning and then you lose yourself. It's up to you to find yourself again and that's why I think this song is bittersweet but brilliant because it's up to you to become something of yourself instead of letting life break you.

1 year ago

Eddie Elfman

Well, it's Jimmy Eat World alright.

1 year ago

Ed Ahmed

10th time watching this video!!! How do these guys do it! Amazing!!! Thank you this is art pure, clean, eloquent n simple...

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