Jann Arden - Good Mother (OFFICIAL PIA ASHLEY COVER) video free download

Duration: 04:28
Uploaded: 2011/03/23


This Jann Arden song "Good Mother" is dedicated to my Grandma who passed away March 4th 2011. I sang this song at her funeral as she was a big Jann Arden fan. I hope she liked it and that you guys will too.

The audio is from the camera but I think it worked out well enough. Please let me know what you think.

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3 years ago

Alan Gilman

You're ridicolously good´╗┐

5 years ago


my condolences as well. I just fell in love with that song. And you are a freaking great performer... Love your version.

5 years ago

Raj Williams

nice one! :-)

6 years ago

Mandi Jane Carter

You inspired me to do this song for my mother this mothers day. all though its around the corner and short notice I am Determined. Any chance you could share the Guitar Chords? there are just a few i cant seem to figure. i would be so very grateful and honored to share what you two have here.

7 years ago

Pia Ashley

Thank you to everyone for your condolences, it means alot to me :) You all rock!

7 years ago

Jason Green

I just wanted to leave you a comment on the great Job you did on this song PiA. So sorry about your Grandmother. She is looking down with a smile i am sure cause you are doing it and living the dream. Your an Awesome women PiA. :-) Keep making us all Proud. xxoo .. JAH-K

7 years ago


very nice

7 years ago

JC Singing Fingers

I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I know she is smiling down on you every time you sing this song. I send you my warmest wishes and hope all is well with you! Beautiful song, Pia! JC Singing Fingers

7 years ago


Well done, a fitting tribute to your grandmother. This remains one of our favorite songs to perform. Than you for sharing this video with us and we wish you great enjoyment and success with your music.

7 years ago


I'm sorry to hear about your loss ... what a beautiful tribute to your beloved grandmother. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. You sang with conviction and feeling. Well done!

7 years ago

Nora B.

Wow this is amazing, you have a beautiful strong voice! Keep singing! =D

7 years ago


Love Bruno !!

7 years ago


omg I love this song!!! lolol I've been trying to teach myself to sing just so I could sing it for my mom

7 years ago

Allen Jones

very nice :D At my next Mass I will pray for your Nan(nana right?)

7 years ago


keep your head up LOvE : ~mike1O

7 years ago

Cesco Ferrari

hello loving, listening and a thrill .... good will who also accompanies on the guitar .... the March 11, 2011, Mauritius and died, my father-grandfather of my children, and was a big pain, I cried so much, was 56 years old, I understand your pain. a big hug. giummy milan

7 years ago

Whun Yim

so sorrowful...That's too bad !

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