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At Seventeen - Jann Arden


4 years ago


You are so right. She w as 22-- it was 1975 and actually the lyrics are retrospective, so it is exactly about some one looking back-- at 17, so she couldn't be singing this when she was 17

4 years ago

Gypsy Lace

Janis Ian wrote this song and performed it a lifetime ago...

4 years ago


Try Janey's Blues and Pro-Girl off of Janis' first album if you want to hear two of the most heart ripping songs of that generation.

5 years ago

Louise Bader

Perhaps leave this one to Janis!! Why mess with a beautiful song and create such a unwarranted copy. Maybe you could sing your own music if you have some?

5 years ago


Actually Janis was in her early 20s when she wrote this song. When Janis herself was 17, she was coming off a big hit with "Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)." I have never thought Janis was all that ugly though. The covers of her "Stars" and "Between The Lines" albums are beautiful. And yes, Jann is awesome! I've been a fan since my aunt bought me "Living Under June" when "Insensitive" was a hit. Very underappreciated talent, at least outside Canada.

5 years ago


so good....canĀ“t listen over and over to this

5 years ago

Linda Greengrass

so many of us can identify with this

5 years ago

Jahan Zeitzev

Janis Ian wrote and performed this song, rather famously, at 17 years of age. It was in '72 maybe. It is historical to me because I am 28. I LOVE Jann's work! I espcially love I Would Die for You(Check out Angel of Shiraz for soundtrack). It is important for Ms. Ian to get credit for her song, even if it was a long time ago. I like Jann's version better but Janis Ian's looks suited the lyrics better. If you see JI you will understand the song.

6 years ago


I just love this song Jann. You sing it soo hauntingly, it's like hearing a little prayer streignt from the heart. My God girl how write & sing is beyond amazing. Jann R. you are just a little piece of heaven sent for us mortals to realize all the beauty this world has to offer. I love you sweet lady and just gotta say You are Amazing!!!!

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