Jann Arden 2012-02-29 Insensitive - Winnipeg - Live video free download

Duration: 07:39
Uploaded: 2012/03/03

Jann Arden performing 'Insensitive' at The Pantages Playhouse Theatre Winnipeg Manitoba Canada on February 29 2012

Thanks Anne Loree!


3 years ago

Andreas Ruks

Great singer, near the place I live in the mid 90s. Greets to Branson,MB. Never forget the greatest time of my live in such great country with these folks. "Friendly Manitoba" isnt about just two words. Greets from Hamburg/Germany

3 years ago

Luke Gibson

oh you're soooo wise -------------------- WHAT A PHONEY BALONEY - I HATE HER - LAME BULLSHITTER - SHE'S A BITCH IN REAL LIFE !! - RUDE TO WAITERS , MAIDS , HOUSEKEEPERS , OR ANYONE "LOWER" THAN HER ....hope nobody gets fooled again ..........but it will likely continue anyway ........... YUCK ! ! ! ! ! ........BORING VOICE TOO - BIG COW MOAN ....

4 years ago

joe blow

makes me tear up everytime

4 years ago

Craig R

One of the best voices I have ever heard...

4 years ago

Beatriz Grey

I love you Allison Cornell!!!!!!!!! ♥

4 years ago


What a voice!! Thanks for the video!

4 years ago

Nestor Negron-Diaz

Jesus, her voice is just the same as in 95.

5 years ago

mary bridget


5 years ago

rebecca crewe

I think I know why too!! My parents went to see her in Halifax before I was born, they were always and still are huge fans of hers and I can see why haha. I love Jann Arden she is such an inspriation <3

6 years ago


I think I know why people all ask for Ms Arden to go and have a concert in their town.

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