Jacky Greco feat. Snoop Dogg, Arlissa & Jakk City - Blow (Official Music Video) video free download

Duration: 04:23
Uploaded: 2017/01/11

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10 months ago

Francisco De Luna Ruiz

cold water :v

10 months ago

Giovanny De Jesús

hahaha this sounds like Cold What a little bit much !! But i liked it !!

10 months ago

Nanda Makarim

what's wrong with you Armada

11 months ago

George Koromilas

Cold water af

11 months ago

Jack D (fan)

dafuq is that, and what is it doing on armada label o_0

11 months ago

Alex Glass

So it's basically ripped from Major Lazer - Cold Water.....

11 months ago

Daniel F

That Melody in the chorus sounds like the one of Cold Water

11 months ago

Bob Ruis

pff snoop should rap the entire song.. this chick is awfull..

11 months ago

DJ Ell Jay

I can't focus on the song cause of the cold water music.

11 months ago

Kevin Foster

They didn't even bother to change up the "cold water" at all.

11 months ago

Pure Music

cold water rework?cold water remix?cold water edit?

11 months ago

Adi “Phailadin” Francisco

sounds like faydees song :X

11 months ago

Milad Broghani

so unusual

11 months ago

Emil Matevosyan

Armada used to be an etalon for the good EDM music....

11 months ago


cold water??

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