Isaac Hayes - No Substitute video free download

Duration: 04:07
Uploaded: 2011/02/01


2 years ago


Hey get yo ass over here for some good lovin 

3 years ago

Seamus Black

You are the man Isaac ! Lots of respect from Greece for your work and singing. You have inspired us all with your work, much respect

3 years ago


I miss Isaac Hayes/Chef. ;-(

3 years ago


Directed by [Enter your name here] :)No substitute! (no substitute!) For you!

3 years ago

Henry Parisotto

Why is everyone posting to songs it does not say kathie lee in that song those are both very diffrent episodes!

3 years ago

Tory Rouge

:) TwinSoul ♥

4 years ago


Actually a great song.

4 years ago

Marcus Kelly

Love it

4 years ago

Stin Ki Bal Zak

Bloody honey bunny, your name isn't jemma is it Lmao

4 years ago

Teodor Sabou

he must have been a great lover

4 years ago

Bloody Honey Bunny

my ex boyfriend sang this for me jerk lol

4 years ago


It made me laugh like for 5 minutes, when I've seen this for first time :P

4 years ago


Crazy crackers always leaving their detergent all over the place.

4 years ago


Issac Hayss

4 years ago


Where is the duet with the fabulous CHEFETTES!?

5 years ago


Wait...I thought there was no substitute for Ms. Ellen??

5 years ago

Michael Russell

CTFU!!!! RIP Chief

5 years ago

Scoobies doobies

why cut off the last part? :/

5 years ago


this is actually a pretty good stand alone song. it is quite legitimate. i wonder how many people have been concieved... no substitue. wonderful song.

5 years ago

Bender Bending Rodriguez

what? are you fuckin retarded??

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