Isaac Hayes - Fever (1979) video free download

Duration: 08:16
Uploaded: 2011/01/11

Artist: Isaac Hayes

Album: Don't let Go

Song: Fever

Composer: John Davenport, Eddie Cooley

Year: 1979

Genre: Disco

Label: Polydor

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3 years ago

Mazroon M

I think I just OD'd on funk.

3 years ago


Isaac Hayes - Fever (1979).Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. (Covington, 20 de agosto de 1942 — Memphis, 10 de agosto de 2008) foi um cantor e compositor americano. Foi uma das principais forças criativas da gravadora Stax Records, servindo como compositor e produtor ao lado do parceiro David Porter durante a metade dos anos 60.

3 years ago

MaCaulley Cunningham Sr.


4 years ago

Jane Millerick

#funky #isaachayes ... Fever ..."Uploaded on Jan 10, 2011Artist: Isaac HayesAlbum: Don't let GoSong: FeverComposer: John Davenport, Eddie CooleyYear: 1979Genre: DiscoLabel: Polydor"

4 years ago

Groovy Thang

grooOoºOvy funKy fever!!! 8P

4 years ago


A big Hot Track.. Thx for sharing ^^

4 years ago

Fraser Macdonald

big big track - roy ayers also discofied fever to good effect in 79 but isaac's version is so goddamn steamy

4 years ago

gustavo marroquin

la verdad k esas canciones son la mera neta del planeta

5 years ago



5 years ago

marisa pons

Casi puedo ver a John Travolta bailando, jeje

5 years ago


Well, that's like your opinion man.

5 years ago

Red Win

disco fever luv the 70s .

5 years ago

simone l'epico

old school ;))) yesssssssssssssssssssssss XD

5 years ago

Tomas Barbero

Im burning of this fever

5 years ago



5 years ago

Julian Challis

Black Venom - It's Back !! :D

5 years ago

Lehmans Fabrice

Mr1970yo1980 u gave me Fever ! Thank you

5 years ago

mopikcik mopiciciik

0 dislikes... looks everybody get a fever LOL

5 years ago


*spacey eyed drooling* 8O_

5 years ago

Nicolas Boris

La classe d'ISAAC... +Stef GrooveBluesFolkRockMad C'est après-midi basse aujourd'hui ! Profite ! ;)

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