InMe - Lava Twilight video free download

Duration: 04:40
Uploaded: 2008/06/04

This song is off InMe's first album Overgrown Eden.

Enjoy :D


3 years ago


I'm glad there's at least one video of InMe that isn't blocked by SME. The last time I heard this artist was back in the days of MySpace and I guarantee I wouldn't know I heard an InMe song if it popped on. There's something called advertising, SME should really look into that. 

3 years ago

Noel Maguire

does that lead line remind anyone of ice cube's the peckin order !!!

4 years ago

Richard McCann

This sounds completely different to the version I had on my overgrown eden album. Can anyone shed any light on this? I don't think this is the studio recorded version, it has a live feel to it, for example he doesn't scream as much as on my album, and when he does it only lasts like a second? Confused!

5 years ago

Eric Cartman

no mate i don't have any, sorry. i only recognised it with this song due to the production quality and how it differs from the album version.

5 years ago


Yoyo, dont suppose you have any of the demos in mp3?

6 years ago

tiera joy

yes i knew that

8 years ago


zeroscape and symphonycult.. .a bit late but yeah :D

8 years ago

Eric Cartman

this is the demo... the album version sounds different and i love the wah bit at 3:05 !

8 years ago


freaking love inme. anyone know the support band for the upcoming tour?

8 years ago


you're right Inme's songs are kinda dark and gritty and stuff, and yet quite beautiful :)

9 years ago


Oh good Oo I love it so much it is soooo wonderful ♥♥♥

9 years ago


i live neat inme lmao

9 years ago

Suffo cated

awesome amazing fucking song

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