In Blood We Trust - Get Lost (Feat. Samis From Reduction) video free download

Duration: 02:58
Uploaded: 2011/01/02

Band: In Blood We Trust

Album: On Thin Ice

Song: Get Lost

Last but not least

This is a call for arms

I'm fed up with that scum

This has gone too far

Your scene is dead

Nothing but worthless shit

Who the fuck are you

I don't care 'cause

You will rest in hell

You're such a shame

This is what you deserve

I turn my back on the lowlifes

Now you got served

Plus fuck your crew

You are nothing but a bunch of retards

A new era out of style

Get fucking lost

Your girl's favorite band is called

In Blood We Trust

Dude, we are the future

While you live in the past

And that's right, kid

Who the fuck you think you are looking at

A skilled grown up man who will do his best

Place your bet

I'll take it all at once

As I said it before

And it's given by god

This is a stick up

I just can't stand it anymore

You are a living disgrace

This is a stick up

It's time to end your shady game

Just get the fuck out of my face

This is no arrogant bullshit

I'm just better than you

Tell me why don't you get it

No fucking way

Nothing will change in the end

You fucking hypocrite

Cross your name off my list

You had your chance


6 years ago


pure fuckin beatdown!!

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