I Stand Accused - Isaac Hayes video free download

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Uploaded: 2011/11/30

"I Stand Accused" is from the 1970 album "The Isaac Hayes Movement." It was co-written by Mr. Jerry Butler who had earlier recorded it in 1964.


3 years ago

rahima ali

Ike and his music are a blessing to the world.

4 years ago

john sauls

original old school

4 years ago

Asiane Yang

Nothing these beat the oldies. 

4 years ago

royal nation

DENNIS MARTIN was found guilty the day he met TSUCHA MCDOWELL 

5 years ago


This song really moves me every time I hear it ;-)

5 years ago


Nothing but the truth! Miss you Isaac!

5 years ago

Sharon Hayes

My first dance with my husband, was to this song. I will always love this song. RIP MY Baby, I will forever miss you.......Love you forever your wife, Sharon

5 years ago

Rodney Patterson

an m town vet !!!!!!!!!! music like this makes me proud of my memphis heritage

5 years ago


such a beautiful song with so much meaning.

5 years ago

Renee Turner-Tavares

I grew up in Brooklyn too...You are right on point....LMAO...

5 years ago


you had to really love somebody to only find out that they didn really love you back !!!!

6 years ago


My mom use to play this track all the time and i kept the original record that belong to her all those years . R.I.P. Mama

6 years ago


if i do, everyone is gonna cry

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