Hecate Enthroned - Overriding Imagination video free download

Duration: 03:55
Uploaded: 2009/05/13

Track #12 from "Redimus", 2004.


7 years ago


Very cool, wanted the Full version, Saw hem on 27th in Wrexham, Dylans home town ish and close me, I wearing the t-shirt NOW LOL got it off Dylan today I was too drunk at the Gig LOL. was fookin Amazing, Colonel Blast, Mercilus Savage, Nierty and Hecate Enthroned :) Fookin EPIC. Damo :)

7 years ago


Little picked up fact... the last verse contains lines from the first eight Iron Maiden studio albums... in chronological order too! The song is about drugs. Also Daz and Dylan do backing vocals. Will I REMEMBER TOMORROW? Or is this ANOTHER LIFE? The INVADERS come for me Foretold in REVELATIONS Untruly LOSFA WORDS And CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN TIME THE PROPHECY that I have seen Is the silent ASSASSIN

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