Halestorm - Ride The Lightning (Metallica Cover) [Official Audio] video free download

Duration: 06:35
Uploaded: 2017/01/06

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10 months ago

Erica the red head

To everyone saying this isn't the same as the original. Ok yeah, it's a cover, a band performing an iconic song that is not in their normal wheelhouse. I always think of it as a jam session in some dude's garage. Is it perfect? Maybe not. But it's a fuck ton of fun. Just sit back an enjoy it. I'm stoked for these covers! Love you guys!!

10 months ago


i love halestorm but that fucking sucks donkey dick

10 months ago

Mal Reynolds

You know who could do a proper job singing this one? KOBRA PAIGE.

10 months ago

Jeff Moore

im just blown away. damn good job on this cover

10 months ago


Vocals and tone are terrible.

10 months ago

Bruno Oliveira

Where is the double bass?????

10 months ago

james Branner

it would be cool to have the making of video like the MIGHTY METALLICA did with last album

10 months ago

the wolf named ruthless

love female Metallica covers

10 months ago

Aron McKinney

I love the vocals for this song but the guitar is a little weak,other than that amazing cover

10 months ago

Taylor Peacock

great cover but the guitar needs need reverb and maybe a bit of delay. the tone is just a bit too dry

10 months ago

Is Saint

amazing...simply FUCKIN´ amazing....!!! love U Lizzy...

10 months ago

Nicolás Atehortúa

I love Metallica and Halestorm and this is a very good cover, but I don't know why it seems to me like it lacks some life. Maybe guitar doesn't sound as deep as the original version and the drums do not have reverb.

11 months ago


Ok. This isn't too bad.

11 months ago

Cheerio 23

Her voice is more than on spot, but I don't really like guitar sound

11 months ago

Jansen Haneline

I like.

11 months ago

Paul Wood

A cover of almost any UFO track would be awesome but Shoot Shoot, Lights out or Doctor Doctor would be super awesome.

11 months ago


This is one of the best covers I've heard

11 months ago

Youssef Thrasher

No YEAH YEAH no metallica

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