Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends [Official Music Video] video free download

Duration: 07:13
Uploaded: 2009/10/27

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day from 'American Idiot,' available now. Directed by Samuel Bayer

Featuring Jamie Bell & Evan Rachel Wood.

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2 years ago

Antonio Miguel

Wake me up when rock bands make a comeback!

2 years ago


hermozo tema...<3 <3

2 years ago

Zachariah Sanford

Geez people... This song isn't even about the video!!! The song is about Billy Joe Armstrong's father dying in September of 1982 when he was 10.

2 years ago

Bob DaBuilda

Why does she keep patting his face?

2 years ago

Kousei Arima

A veces cuando escucho la canción ... bajo el volúmen en la parte que pelean los chicos para que mi madre no piense que veo xxx.

2 years ago

Alessandro D'Amico

i think that green day are better than the beatles...

2 years ago

Ahmad Jamalulail Kamaruzzaman

did u all know that this song is based on real story,so please have some respect

2 years ago


I just realized:This song describes Interstellar PERFECTLY

2 years ago

Bruno Burga

I have to tell you, this is one of the most cheesy videos of Green Day

2 years ago


So why does Tre jump off his stand thingy at the end?

2 years ago

RainxXx Pizza

Green day was one of the best rock no one even bothers to watch them any more there band went to shit really fast and billy quiet.. R.I.P Greenday

2 years ago

Leo S.

Green Day

2 years ago

Daniel Arellano

1080p PLEASE!

2 years ago


I'm surprised on how many idiots doesn't know why the girl is crying at his boyfriend. He joined the army and shes scared that her boyfriend will die. You dumb fucks

2 years ago

Matteo Cattaneo

Is the boy dead?

2 years ago


There's always so many sad military people trying to tell us why war is great and that they are defending freedom. Poor guys

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