Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics video free download

Duration: 04:20
Uploaded: 2010/01/17

Lyrics of Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams. A great acoustic song to listen and play

NOTE: This is not my song. Full credit for this song goes to the band Green Day and all its members and to their recod label. This not my property and is only being used for fun and musical enjoyment


2 years ago


So catchy Its stuck in my mind

2 years ago


Our school orchestra played this song recently... it was really boring for the violins.

2 years ago

Isabelle Burden

Love this song

2 years ago

Daniel Slater

The last 'solo' wasn't a solo because there is a drum beat in with it 

2 years ago

Dellon James

I was like 3 or 5 years old first listening to this. This song cemented my love for the Rock genre of music.

2 years ago

Milissa Threatt

Until then I walk alone..........

2 years ago

Khloe Gaylord

Omg 146,200 likes! Thats more than a taylor swift video! O_O

2 years ago

Sharon Pereira

A good green day song.

2 years ago

Tina B

I walk alone :(

2 years ago

cheese ball1317

watching this in 2015

2 years ago

Kirisame Does Stuff

Picture this, maybe this song isn't about its real subject (which I don't know) think about the aftermath of a nuclear strike. A world wide nuclear strike. Cities destroyed, humanity almost wiped from the face of earth. This guy is one of the survivors. His shadow is the only one that walks beside him.He wishes someone will find him, because most of the population are dead.Until then he walks the empty desolate streets. Anyone see what I'm getting at here?

2 years ago

Tilen Čurin

Really genius stuff.I like this song mostly cause of lyrics.Often sing it when I'm bored.

2 years ago


*This song is one timeless masterpiece. 2015 and beyond bitch...*

2 years ago

Finlay Duncan

i walk a lonley road beacause every body else got in my way

2 years ago

Ashtyn Eells


2 years ago

Nathan Alley

I see this song way differently then people I see it as the law of attraction and success while people are sleeping I am creating

2 years ago


Such a good song and beat 

2 years ago

Ass4ssin gaming

if you pay attention to the lyrics in this song and his other songs this isn't depressing or about him being alone in life.

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