Glee - We Are Young (Full Performance) HD video free download

Duration: 02:28
Uploaded: 2012/06/09

Enjoy :D

This performance was requested by LiddoThuqq14

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2 years ago

Julieta Yapura


2 years ago

Jake Plunkett

Wow I love watching glee because I love it and yes it can be a bit sexual but I don't care about those bits I love the out her songsI love it so much

2 years ago

Fernando Lobato

Is it just me or did Glee start to really suck after Finn died ?Finn RIP

2 years ago

Rossana Huapaya Chumpitaz


2 years ago


*Midnight Music* MM-P-0031Glee - We Are Young (Full Performance) HD

2 years ago

Noma Dladla

Wow live

2 years ago

Laura Stylinson

i miss glee so much

2 years ago

Nick Schiro

It's faster than it should be

2 years ago


Not really liking the Rachel parts here because it sounds like she is singing in a baby girl voice, rather than her grown woman voice.

2 years ago

Do Svidaniya

Will always be an all time fav glee performance <3

2 years ago

Mary Phillips

Thanks for the video. It's backwards, how did that happen?

2 years ago

Danielle Gomez

I miss you

2 years ago

Jay Ernest

I like this song

2 years ago

Kelly Kapowski

Cory We Miss you like fuck

2 years ago

Camylla Costa

The best song ever.

2 years ago

OutOfControl Flame

mini klaine dance at 1:25.I feel like my heart just died

2 years ago


y love glle

2 years ago

pierre prevost

une autre très belle serie qui a pris fin que c'est triste....

2 years ago

Haïko June

Still miss it

2 years ago

Honor Hanau

Omg that pezberry hand hold tho 

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