GLEE - Stereo Hearts (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) video free download

Duration: 02:25
Uploaded: 2013/09/09

GLEE - Full Performance of Stereo Hearts.

Sung by: Joe Hart/Samuel Larsen, Sam Evans/Chord Overstreet, Mercedes Jones/Amber Riley and Quinn Fabray/Dianna Agron.

From 3x13 (Heart).


2 years ago

Shrikant Adhav

My Heart is Sterio It beats for You ... Coz i Love U

2 years ago

Meriem mimi

I hope i find a hghit scool like that ... because i like singing 2 much

2 years ago


This song is the reason why I became a Gleek. I loved Samuel Larsen's voice. Watched the show just to find out that he's not part of the main characters. :c I still love Glee ♥

2 years ago

Vicki S

Even if this did happen in real life, it wouldn't be this casual. It would be so awkward, they'll be standing there in front of you singing and that's it.Probably with no instruments,

2 years ago

Eric Hernandez

Oh my gosh I love this 

2 years ago

Kenneth Guinn

I love u glee so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much love elaina

2 years ago

ductoan Nguyen

Sam is too hottt here♥·♥ his voice makes valentine perfect=) sadly his part in glee is too small=( want 2 hear more

2 years ago

Zelda Nicolas

Samuel !!! he is so hot in this video !

2 years ago


Am I the only one that thinks this is better than the original?!?!

2 years ago

Alexis Almeida

You are really good

2 years ago

Katelyn Thomas

What season is this from I am new to glee and love it!

2 years ago

Karolane Herbomez

Joe's voice is SO wonderful

2 years ago


gran cancion

2 years ago

Juliana Macera

Esse cara é muito lindo

2 years ago

Violete Angel

i love this song and i am little

2 years ago

Icaro Henrique

I really like this song! It sticks in the head!

2 years ago

Jamari Busby


2 years ago

Nadia Karim

Shhh everybody just stop making noise and take a moment to realize how CUTE this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

2 years ago

Andy Smith

Gotta love how Quinn is singing a love song to her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend...

2 years ago

Bagus Setiawan

always miss season 1,2,3 

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