GLEE - Keep Holdin' On (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD video free download

Duration: 02:28
Uploaded: 2013/09/21

GLEE - Full Performance of Keep Holdin' On.

Sung by: Rachel Berry/Lea Michele and Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith [R.I.P.].

Episode: 1x07 "Throwdown".

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2 years ago

Nxcole_Wxldner_ xoxo

I just can't even look at Quinn without crying she is such a strong character and through the 5 seasons we really see her grow

2 years ago

Unamed Mess

Glee lovers great news well ryan murphy said that season 6 is the last season but news says season 7 might come next year or in 2017-2018 so puts your hopes up :D.

2 years ago

aubree cuip

this gives me the chills everytime.. it also makes me cry due to Cory..

2 years ago

Erica Ayala

What episode is this one?

2 years ago


this almost made me cry... so nostalgic.... *single tear* lol

2 years ago

muhreea cee

when i first found out about cory i was in the car and as soon as i turned on the radio they were playing this version of the song..i tried not to cry :( it still breaks my heart

2 years ago

Kelly Hazelett

This is the first time in season 1 where we could see how torn Finn was between Rachel and Quinn. You could feel his obligation to Quinn and his sorrow for Rachel. It really is one of the best song choices and performances Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith had on the show. I can't not cry when I watch it. 

2 years ago

Amanda Vitória

Essa música é muito amor

2 years ago

Wednesday Price

keep holding on lea Michele /

2 years ago

Ja Nichele

Gente vão no meu canal eu fiz um cover dessa música

2 years ago

Marquinho Marquinhohohenfeld

Avril lavigne ♥♥ essa musica dela perfeita

2 years ago

```The Troll Crew ```

Keep Holdin On :,( so sad I wanna cry

2 years ago

Claire James

Because Quinn got pregnant and kicked off the cheerios

2 years ago

TheL!feStyleofBeYOUty Gurls

this song is my favorite glee performance bc it's so special and there's always times in people's lives where you have to "Keep Holding On" to hope. thats why i love this song bc of its meaning. i miss cory so much. i also love this bc this is the real glee cast. after they added more people in it was just different. now looking back on all of their old performances with the original glee cast im getting all emotional. i miss all of this so much.

2 years ago

Ana Ipina

i like that song

2 years ago

Ida Marie Asmussen

Miss Cory:(

2 years ago

Nette Anderson

I love glee and all the vids 

2 years ago

Kennedy Johnson

So beautiful 

2 years ago

Alexandra Holthaus

it makes me feel so happy and sad at the same time

2 years ago

Ariana Abdon

Wait why was Quinn crying in the beginning? I can't remember it's been such a long time

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