Glee - Jingle Bell Rock (Lyrics) video free download

Duration: 02:33
Uploaded: 2012/12/05

Lyrics of Glee's song: Jingle Bell Rock

Performed by: Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet)

Episode: 04x10 "Glee, Actually."


2 years ago

Maria Salazar

What I'm I doing here in june xD

2 years ago

Domingo Davis

I like your song

2 years ago

Reece Hoeflich

Why am I here in june ? Hahaha

2 years ago

Tiesiog Zmogus

Listening in summer :D

2 years ago

Ana Cifuentes

I love music

2 years ago


I absolutely love Christmas and I am planning in June. ":)

2 years ago

Vareena Hardman

Check out this video on YouTube:

2 years ago

Sherri Gardner

I watch this even when it is not Christmas 

2 years ago

Jayen Neal

This song is the best Christmas song that ever listen to when you're opening your presents under the Christmas tree cuz you know its cold no its not hard and santa came and it was fun open those present

2 years ago

Hana Hrdličková

Merry christmas :)

2 years ago

Luciana Santos

Esta música é espetacular.Aporveitana para fazerem um espetáculo com ela.Acreditem pois eu já o fiz .:-) :-) {3 Assinado. Lucisb

2 years ago

Issys Paola Hernandez Montoya

Happy chistmas for you and your family

2 years ago


Why am I watching this...? It's almost April.

3 years ago

Bigbangpegasu XD


3 years ago

Trevor Short

It's in spring I'm listening to it in 2015?

3 years ago

Paulina Modrzejewska

274 days !! 

3 years ago

marlene calizaya

me recuerda cuando estaba en arequipa, esperaba con ansias la navidad pa poder ver a mi familia, pero fue la mas triste no pude verlossssss. ahora extraño arequipaaaaa

3 years ago

Stefano Chiaro

like the video buy buy 

3 years ago

Viola Fiore

Forse un classico lo posto. #radiopsv 

3 years ago

Robert Yeldell

Check out this video on YouT

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