Glee - I Feel Pretty / Unpretty video free download

Duration: 04:02
Uploaded: 2011/04/21

Rachel & Quinn sing I Feel Pretty / Unpretty

I Feel Pretty - West Side Story

Unpretty - TLC


2 years ago


The BEST song from Glee!

2 years ago

Celiou Yota

i'm pretty

2 years ago


I still think this was one of the very best duets in the show. Certainly my favourite anyway

2 years ago

Benea Del Rey

I love season 2 because it was when they were all getting closer and Quinn was starting to be nicer

2 years ago

Tiana Tyler

Lea Michelle's (Rachel) voice is amazing

2 years ago

Esme Lacy

i love this song so beautiful

3 years ago

yael Schneider

I Can listen to it all day and cry Such a powerful song...

3 years ago

Lady Tubbington

Love this mash-up!Such waste of Glee time not making their friendship any bigger in the screen :/

3 years ago

Rafael paulo

essa version is tis so beautiful but this

3 years ago

Bri :P

Love this song 

3 years ago

Lexina Zulu

This is the best mash up they've done. Amazing

3 years ago

Felizze Faye Navarro

I feel pretty. But unpretty. :'(

3 years ago

kay more

I hate the fact they say brave not gay -.- 

3 years ago

Chanel Vogel

I love this song. I think everyone has something about themselves that they want to change. But at the end of the day, You are perfect the way you are. #NaturalBeauty #loveyourself #perfectlyimperfect 

3 years ago

Jadzia Lemons

i cryed so many times

3 years ago

Emily Marie Duff

This song is so beautiful <3 definitely one of my favourite Glee songs! 

3 years ago

Samantha Gerbrandt

Personally I think this was one of the best Glee did.

3 years ago

Colleen Kumpe

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song ily

3 years ago

Danni Matuszek

amazing song

3 years ago

Aurora Boreanez

TLC's version is easier to sing but this version is just so beautiful :)

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