Gamma Ray - One With the World (Live in Hultsfred 2003) HD Remaster video free download

Duration: 05:04
Uploaded: 2014/02/25

Watch FULL show: Dan Zimmerman drum solo: Helloween with Kai Hansen in 2013: Gamma Ray Live at the Gates of Metal. Remaster of a poor quality RIP of this bootleg concert: picture scaled, filtered, sharpened and denoised, audio cleaned up — by me... Click ↓ for full set-list:


Gates of Metal, Hultsfred, Sweden, August 2, 2003

1. Gardens of the Sinner

2. Rich and Famous

3. New World Order

4. Armageddon

5. Heavy Metal Universe

6. One With the World

7. Drum Solo

8. Razorblade Sigh

9. Heart of the Unicorn

10. Last Before the Storm

11.Victim of Fate (Helloween cover)

12. The Silence

13. Rising Star

14. Shine On

15. I Want Out (Helloween cover)

If anyone has a fuller version of this concert, message me.


Originally off "Sigh No More" (1991)

Music by Kai Hansen and Uwe Wessel, Lyrics by Kai Hansen

Do you think there's a chance

For this world to live in unity as one?

I can try to believe

But I feel it's like a view into the sun.

Blinded by the light everything will look so fine

But still I feel the rays are burning my soul.

So you say you believe

We can change the world together if we try.

I know we won't change.

When it comes to the point

Do you think we reach an aim that is too high?

I know we don't arrange.

But I know we're all the same

When the final curtain falls

And the sings on the way

Are leading us home

When I'm one with the world

I am one with my mind

Forget all the fury there's no need to cry

There's a place we all go, salvation to find

There's freedom to come

When I'm one with the world and my mind.

Do you feel, do you know?

There's an answer to the question when you're gone.

You're not alone.

You will see, we will see

Is there nothing or a better place to go?

We can't go wrong.

There are echoes in the wind

And they say don't be afraid

'cos the signs on the way

Are leading us home


Kai Hansen - Vocals, Guitar

Henjo Richter - Guitars

Dirk Schlächter - Bass

Dan Zimmermann - Drums


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