Gamma Ray - Heal me video free download

Duration: 07:04
Uploaded: 2014/01/06

Gamma Ray - Heal me

Lust for live VHS

Release Date: Jan.1994

Recorded live at: Docks, Hamburg, September 25th 1993


Kai Hansen

Ralf Scheepers

Dirk Schlächter

Jan Rubach

Thomas Nack


3 years ago

Steve Fruge

This song reminds me of Queen, but heavier ! Very creative writing and surely will be a classic.

3 years ago

Ashley Schaeffer

Sometimes I feel like an echo in the wind, that's never comin' back again

3 years ago

federico lucas

que temasooooo !!!!

3 years ago

Alberto González

Puede hacerme recordar tantas... AMAZING SONG...AND GREAT FEELINGS!!! 

3 years ago

Wendy Teyssier

Me encanta esta canción!

3 years ago


Do You have others videos from this concert?

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