GAMMA RAY - EXCITER video free download

Duration: 05:02
Uploaded: 2013/03/08


2 years ago

Glenn Deville

love the fast playi'n

3 years ago

Jose Silva

Great Bands on Vol. I. Shitty ones on Vol. II

3 years ago

Frederic Hemard


3 years ago

Leonardo Hansen

i was hope listen this song with hansen voices !!! wow its was amazing

3 years ago


Sounds much like Bruce Dickinson's voice really nice performance

3 years ago

shag stars

if you mix dio with rob halford.... awesome!

3 years ago

Rey Jiménez

He´s Ralf Scheepers on vocals actually in Primal Fear, Is Gamma Ray on the 90´s, great voice (Ralf Scheepers tried to enter for Judas Priest)

4 years ago


Amazing cover!! lml 

4 years ago


He's like a clone of the god

4 years ago

Eric Mac Fadden

It's him.....and I think this version is way better than the original....

4 years ago

Nebojsa Stojkovic

am i wrong or this is ralf sheepers?

4 years ago


Am I a bad person if I like this better than the original?

5 years ago


Thanks for that upload bro x) Looking for that song since a long time. :D

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