Funky Monks - VPRO 2007: A Dutch Connection video free download

Duration: 02:42
Uploaded: 2008/10/20

John feels bad that this guy doesn't like Funky Monks.

John's the man.

To all you keyboard cowboys out there: read the info before you comment about the title and feel free to keep your mouth closed about the *correct* title.

Because someone expressed an interest in John's Charles Mingus shirt, I dug up an old interview with John in which he highlights Mingus' gratuitous sexual exploits:


Update (9/9/10):

When I posted this video a year or two ago, I figured that those watching this video would be pretty good fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and familiar with the various documentaries on them (or simply possess basic literacy skills and the foresight to read the video's info). And considering the prolific nature of Bram's VPRO documentaries amongst Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, I figured those watching this video would understand this clip's source without further explanation. Alas, it seems I have hoped for too much from a few of my fellow RHCP fans, though I know you Frooshies out there need no further explanation.

It seems that some (very few, actually) have difficulty grasping the source of this clip which is very obviously and prominently displayed in the title, so I shall elucidate to avoid further confusion for the less discerning.

Bram van Splunteren, a filmmaker from the Netherlands, has released a series of documentaries about the Red Hot Chili Peppers over the years. These programs have been entitled "VPRO Thema: Red Hot Chili Peppers", and released in 1988, 1990, 1994, and 2007. Naturally, as with any documentary or film, all of the footage filmed is not seen in the final, released cut. VPRO 2007: A Dutch Connection is more or less an overview of the band's entire career, and features footage that was filmed in earlier years for the other documentaries, as well as more recent footage shot during the Stadium Arcadium tour. This particular clip is from that documentary. It was shot in the Netherlands in the early 90s, but was not released until 2007. As such, the title correctly reads "VPRO 2007", reflecting the source from which it was taken.

So, the title will not be changed to placate the ignorant few. Doing so would be erroneous and incorrect for multiple reasons. Primarily, it would be misrepresenting the source from which the material came, which would be disrespectful to the author. Secondarily, altering the title and replacing it with a false one would place a hardship on fans who wished to see the whole documentary, as they would not find the documentary under an incorrect, modified title. I cannot, in good conscience, commit such offenses in order to pacify and assuage the more ignorant among us.

I apologize to all the viewers and fans who have wasted their time reading this rant I have written, though it is a necessary measure to deal with the morons who have been commenting and PMing me, telling me that the title is wrong and, as one commenter ignorantly said, "misleading".

Please, if you're confused about something, use Google for Christ's sake. Educate yourself. Don't make megalomaniacal demands of others just because you don't know what you're talking about.


2 years ago

Anthony Heading

He said he wasn't happy here at all... 

2 years ago

Ronen Ben

every time i see this clip i so want to go back to 1991

3 years ago

Paul Mag

Frusciante is fucking amazing here! Thats the best John Frusciante

3 years ago

Jim Choe

Funky Monks is a great song. I kind of dismissed it as well when I listened to the album as a kid, but for some reason, getting older it really stands out to me. The guitar solo section with the interlocking drums and bass with John's dirty solo floating on top is great...The outro is great as well, like John says.

3 years ago

Dr. H

can someone tell me what composer is playing in the backround? thanks.

3 years ago


John looks like Steve-O

3 years ago


Funky Monks,,is a great tune!!!!!!

3 years ago

Alejandro campero alvarez

John: "So you just hate that" 2:09 hahaha so funny! 

3 years ago


Anthony Kiedis is the biggest dickbag on the planet. 

3 years ago

LFM Tunes

Hi. I made some music inspired by John Frusciante :) It's on my channel, if you want to check it out, and tell me what you think :-)! Have a nice day everyone...

3 years ago

mi g

John is hilarious :)... Wait a min?!

3 years ago

Adam S Taylor

young john and older john dosent look like the same person, it does my head in..

3 years ago


This isn't 2007 it's around 1992

3 years ago

benny van der ploeg

in later videos john explains why he left the band main reason was he was just so unhappy while the interviewer asks him but in amsterdam you looked so happy john sais noo noo i wasnt not ad all! in this clip when he asked to the guys are you happy you can see that john starts to laugh and looking to the floor not knowing what to say and anthony jumps in the proof that he was struggling already here

3 years ago

Daniel Davila

Love the little smile John gives at 00:59 , seems like such a humble guy.

3 years ago

Jason Bouck

I first heard this song through this video, instantly loved the song and is one of my favorites!

4 years ago

Mister Smith

I never noticed that before, but I think John was already doing coke before he quit the band. Look at his teeth

4 years ago

Juda Komarow

god bless john frusciante or john frusciante bless god....which ever is more soothing in you're opinion 

4 years ago


My god, what an absolutely fantastic response. He was so young then but still showed so many signs of the brilliant musician he is today. Amazing. 

4 years ago

Mordecai James

I fell in love with John when he started to sing the fuckin' bassline at the end of the song. Ba-doo ba-doo boom boom, BODOH BAM BAM BAM BADAM BAM BAM!

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