Flood And A Fire - Gemma Ray video free download

Duration: 03:48
Uploaded: 2012/04/22

"Island Fire"



3 years ago

Roshiba Christina

artiste geniale , bonnes conpositions , 5 albums exellents , after i d bought 2 , i got the last 3 she made , her style ,atmosphere, mixed epoques ,please don t stop , we love you !!

4 years ago

Borey Ros

I just heard this song on What's Remain while my partner and I watching. I quickly searched for it . It was the first time I heard this song. It's great! I really love it:-)

4 years ago


the killing)

4 years ago

Sean White

Heard on The Killing and had to find it. Great show and song.

4 years ago

Antonio Verrucci

also came here via the excellent "What Remains"; she's great!!

4 years ago


Same here, Google during what remains on it layer, love it.

4 years ago

Shriniwas Joshi

Unbelievable, I am watching same show in iplayer. Just after seeing the fish pot, I had to stop the show to check this song out .. highly under rated song / artist !!!

4 years ago

Catriona Grange

I just heard this on some show called 'What Remains' or something that my parents are watching. Immediately googled the lyrics. Great song!

5 years ago


because we re living in bad world...

5 years ago

Lisa Sullivan

I like the song a lot but not sure about the photo in the video.

5 years ago

Josh Hoke

Because it's amazing. If they played this on the radio, hundreds of thousands of listeners would be instantly lost to quality and the corporate moguls that sell rhythms and hooks would stop making money :)

5 years ago

Lomo Pblie

Amazing. Why doesn't this song have millions of views?

5 years ago

Mila Yahnis

The Killing

5 years ago


Am in love with this album.... but this track wow

5 years ago

Justyna Maria

omg im obsessed with this song..

6 years ago


awesome track thanks for the upload

6 years ago

Redeyez Rashed

The Killing Baby ..

6 years ago


The Killing!

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