Fleet Foxes - Mykonos video free download

Duration: 03:49
Uploaded: 2009/12/03

MYKONOS! Directed & animated by Sean Pecknold, designed by Jesse Brown:


3 years ago

Leonardo Chirino

Yo conocía a fleet foxes desde hace 5 años y no escuche esta canción hasta ahora, de lo que me perdí, esta muy hermosa la Agregaré de inmediato a mi last 

4 years ago


i liked this band a lot...

4 years ago


experimental electronic jazz/dnb, check it: watch?v=LOnW2uvU1F4

4 years ago


In seriousness though, it's incredible how much this video captures my emotions with such simple characters. When those little sky blue triangles were falling through the depths of hell, I was genuinely scared for them, and scared of the mysterious hooded ones. It's an excellent example of minimal description maximizing emotional connection.

4 years ago


Yeah, people say there are no good hip-hop songs left but I just mention this :)

4 years ago

Des para

Truly, one of the most frivolous songs I have ever head.

4 years ago


Are you both joking ?

4 years ago

Günter Hasch

bla bla bla, test fuk yeah

4 years ago

Chase Austin

i dont feel the love man<3

4 years ago


Anglo-Saxon Harp Listen and rate the above

4 years ago

Tom Orr

they're just triangles to keep the hipsters happy xx

4 years ago

Shane McAllister

Great work! Keep at it.

4 years ago

Robert Chapman

2:22, love it

4 years ago

Joe VanSlooten

I found this video to have stunning visuals. It's no chief keef but, the man represented in the triangles left me captivated. The music itself almost overwhelmed me, it was beautiful. ~Ada Gang~

4 years ago


great song, bad illuminati in video

4 years ago


her picture make me fappy

4 years ago

Sally Ann Jimenez

2:00 it just gets even more beautiful <3

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