Fleet Foxes - Mykonos [OFFICIAL VIDEO] video free download

Duration: 03:49
Uploaded: 2009/02/11

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"Mykonos" from Fleet Foxes' 02/28/08 EP release, Sun Giant

iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sun-giant-ep/id276348333

Amazon http://amzn.com/B0016OCMB4

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Directed by Sean Pecknold http://seanpecknold.com/

Fleet Foxes http://www.fleetfoxes.com/

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2 years ago


Mooie stemmige clip, maar ik moest er wel van naar de toilet ;-) !

2 years ago

Nedim Soruk

Bu akşam anlatırmısın ? Anlatabilirmiyim ? :/ Dinler misin ?

2 years ago

Nick Davis

Heard this track a few times and never knew who it was!! Thanks reddit!!!

2 years ago

Dacee Zarek

I love this song

2 years ago

Bruna Sierpinski Trento

Um dos melhores achados folk!

2 years ago

Emili Santra

wowwwwww....just too much addicted to this song!!

2 years ago


Great track from a great band ...love em !

2 years ago

Demetries Clark

Due Date brought me here listening to this while on A Greyhound bus to Delaware from atlanta in Virginia heading to D.c 

2 years ago

Daniel Cho

ohhhhh oh ohhhhhh oh ohhhhhh ohohoh ohoh ohhhhhh ohohohhh ohoh ohhhhh~~

2 years ago

The Meeks

Cool band, a lot of quirky videos, awesome sound.

2 years ago


wonderful Fleet Foxes

2 years ago

Cici Santos

I feel some vanguard-ism (art movement) in this video. So good to find this kind of music. 

2 years ago



2 years ago

William Luderman

Definatly a light 6 to a strong 7

2 years ago

lokisco crocs

Can somebody please explain the video?

2 years ago



2 years ago

karenas silent

çok huzur verici.

2 years ago

Jeremy Seifert

+C. Dickson posted about Fleet Foxes so it naturally reminded me of this video. In other news, trying to tell our new Amazon Echo to play this song ended in multiple amusing failures and no successes. Still, here you go. Great song, great video. 

2 years ago

Dean Stefano

Amazing how one song can mean so much to you...

2 years ago

The Lone Spirit

Oh the wonderful things you can do with paper

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