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Uploaded: 2012/10/02

"The Westerner" by Falling In Reverse from the album 'The Drug In Me Is You,' out now!

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i was born one morning in december on the coldest day

abandoned by my mother whom my father i was raised

my father raised my brother and i with a stubborn heart

my mother left me her good looks and confident charm

well i spent most of my teenage years searching for her love

i could not find it anywhere so i turned to drugs

and after all the smoked had cleared and it was said and done

i found myself addicted by the age of twenty one i tell the truth

ive been beaten ive been bruised i was left for dead as well

i was wrongfully accused you left me locked inside a cell

ive been cheated ive been sued but i have lived to tell

the more you kick me when im down the more it truly helps

i feel the madness creeping slowly

loved by many im still lonely

pay the price for your mistake

the music died the day i walked away

no i wont let you win

not this time my friend

you know that im better in the end

no you wont take my pride

ill keep my head heald high

cause i know that im better in the end

i know your jealous and you wish you could be me

cause im so smart and clever with my lyrics cant you see

theres nobody better in the music industry

incase you think you are go ahead give me a ring

i deserve a purple heart from all my fucking wounds

lacerations to my ego pride that ive consumed

and in your final hour when you are looking back

you'll find that im the best at what i do and thats a fact

no i wont let you win

not this time my friend

you know that im better in the end

no you wont take my pride

ill keep my head heald high

cause i know that im better in the end



3 years ago

Luiz Fernando

exelente otima musica

3 years ago

Jordan Burdette

Lol 75 hate this xD 3k like it

3 years ago

BVB promises

I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Scott Bangs


3 years ago

Psychotic Zoe

Omg. I just realized this. On the album (The Drug In Me Is You) when the songs are in order its sort of telling you a story. And sort of like his stages of recovery. With little snippets of his own story. and this as the last song on the album well you can see where im going. But do you guys see where I'm going?

3 years ago

Joshua Acuff

I really wish there was a music video for this

3 years ago

Brenden Carte

This song is exactly just like my life. Everything Ronnie says in this song is just what has happened to me in my life. I love Falling in Reverse It is my life music band.

3 years ago

Swaggy cat 101

Love it when people in the comments talk shit and then quickly turn off the reply button so nobody will say something back.

3 years ago

Diamond Collie

Holy shit this song is perfect for Sam and Dean Winchester

3 years ago

Kaylynn Marie Hayes

"The More You Kick Me Down, The More It Truly Helps" ~Fave part of the song.

3 years ago

dorothy dodson

On a personal level, I can related to what he's been through. Although, I've never been sued, I've had to deal with a lot of other similar crap and I turned to alcohol instead of drugs. 

3 years ago

Joaquin Grimm

Severo Tema , Great!

3 years ago

Pablo ponce

I heard this on pandora and I was like "omg this is my fav song now"

3 years ago

Myles Jacobs

Listen to the lyrics mate, sounds like its against that Craig faggot that fucked up etf "Im better than you" "paid the price for your mistake" "I wont let you win, not this time my FRIEND" "THEE MUSIC DIED THE DAY I WALKED AWAY" damn right

3 years ago

Aleah Hurt

Love this song

3 years ago


1:42 - 1:45; "I deserve a Purple Heart from all of my fucking wounds." Unless you have enlisted in the US Military and have been wounded in combat, you don't deserve shit.

3 years ago

Amanda Smith

UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME:I wish they never started doing rap :/ personally I think this sounds so much better

3 years ago

Tom Irby

I HAVE DEBUNKED THEIR NAME : Falling in Reverse really means Throwing Up, which is basically Vomit. Have fun listening to Vomit guys!

3 years ago

Serina Ramirez

I love This Song ^0^

3 years ago

Hannah locy

i love both ronnie and craig :)) and i love this song lol :))

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