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Duration: 03:38
Uploaded: 2015/01/13

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"Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)" by Falling In Reverse from the album 'Just Like You', out now!

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My heart is on fire again

From the depths of hell and it swallows me in

The demons are all in my head

Pulling me in pulling me in

Here I go

Sinking below sinking below

All I know

Fading away fading away from me now

This can't be happening

I've watch my whole world fall apart

So long farewell to the best of me

It's so far away

And I'm my own worst enemy

And it's so hard to say

There's no way out

You are way too late

Say goodbye to the rest of me


By the Demons they doubt me

My whole world is around me is drowning

and the demons I hate

Are the monsters

I always create


2 years ago

Almaz Mardanshin

Yeah! 1 mln views.

2 years ago

Falling in Reverse Sucks

I only see fat girls and emo faggots who listen this shit

2 years ago

Road _

Ronnie just stop, Stop trying to end things that were already ended.

2 years ago

skittly wiffers

My burps sound better than ronnies screams

2 years ago

Attack! Austin!

the play style of the instrumentals remind me of shadow moses

2 years ago


I hate that so many assholes have made music political. -_- can't we all just listen to a song and decide if we like it or hate it, and leave it at that. We don't have to fucking pick a song apart to make ourselves seem like we know what the fuck we are talking about.

2 years ago

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Anyone notice how the riff and rythm in the verses sound eerily like BMTH's Shadow Moses? I hate when songs basically drag and drop other pieces of songs that they obviously wanted to be a part of and feel that they can improve. Funny enough ETF also ripped them off with Craig, Massacre was totally Chelsea Smile fodder lol. I love both bands too, but come on, why do guys do that? People who's main staple has been the scene and breakdowns for about 10 years will definitely see through writer's cracks..step it the fuck up lol Don't let the art become stale."I thought I buried you and covered the tracksYou'll have to take this with your cold dead handsI thought I buried youWhat's dead can never die"-Shadow Moses, BMTH

2 years ago

Ryan Vanderhoof


2 years ago

Alexander Sweetness :3

I can't believe this shit has the name "Guillotine" in it. Thanks Ronney for destroying the best thing you ever done

3 years ago

fanGirl fiction

Much better!

3 years ago

Kenna McCarthy

i love everything on this new album <3Ronnie Radke <3

3 years ago


Until we die by escape the fate sounds more guillotine then this imo.

3 years ago


May I ask why the FUCK does the 4th guillotine has more views then the guillotine 1, which was the intro?

3 years ago

Elissa Meyers

Guys, there is a reason why escape the fate ended. Ronnie is obviously proud of his current and past work. Just let the man do what he's good at. I've never listened to a song by falling in reverse that I haven't liked. Some of you guys need to learn to respect others' choices and opinions. <3 spread love, not hate.

3 years ago

Sara Nobre

Falling in Reverse will always be my fav band <3

3 years ago


Fucking love this song

3 years ago

Derek Whatley

Say goodbye to the rest of me.

3 years ago

Corbin Kensinger


3 years ago

Corbin Kensinger

Someone put the URL in comments

3 years ago

Jaron Lamp

Anyone else sick of jacky's soul less "watch how fast I can play" solo's?

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