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Duration: 03:37
Uploaded: 2014/12/15

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"God If You Are Above" by Falling In Reverse from the album 'Just Like You', out now!

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God cannot save my soul

It's straight to hell for me I know

And when I get there

At least I found a place to call my home

They say the truth will set you free

Then why am I still here

I've got no truth left Don't you see?

Am I making myself clear?

Resolution no solution

God if you are above I fear

That one day the whole world will disappear

And if it does will I have lived my life

The way that I should

My spirits stuck between to roads

And waiting there on me

The first path is the way to go

The life I want to lead

The 2nd roads my crazy past

The darkest parts I try to mask

The drugs the guns the lies the love

The dreams I had of waking up.

Don't tell me I'm not good enough and

All these prayers have gone in answered where were you


2 years ago

Bridget Donoghue

I am sorry but if you do not like this song there is something wrong with you... It is actually amazing.

2 years ago


It really sucks, this album could be the last for a very long time.......

2 years ago

Daaks Austin

+MondoMedia You've never heard of Slipknot. Isn't it great?

2 years ago

Michael Slaven

Best christian band ever!

2 years ago

bvb fankid lowlife

#godifyou #are #above

2 years ago

Ricardo Mendez

God cannot save my soul, It's straight to Hell for me I know.

2 years ago

MESEAN Motionless

I don't see y people are giving fir shit from,this album I like all there albums :3

3 years ago

celina jeffers

No, the only reason why he hasn't answered your prayers is because he says yes no and just wait! So this song is stupid. It is inaccurate and fake. God is above but u r to STUPID to realize it.

3 years ago

Ian Wells

God I love this song 

3 years ago

Daniel Brokke

Check out my guitar cover of this song!!! ^^

3 years ago

Joe Clark

These guys are amazing live. Seen them at Lazer fest recently. GREAT SHOW.

3 years ago

deashia butler

I really love this album so Much I love all their albums honestly

3 years ago

Shania Johnson

At least he knows he going to hell... NO OFFENSE 

3 years ago

Daisey Leyba

all of you are fucked up. this is one of there best songs from the new album

3 years ago

kyler davin

Fucked up lyrics in description 

3 years ago


FIR You're awesome one of you're greatest songs right here! ☺️ Nice FIR Is back

3 years ago

Raynii Denee

This sounds like Just Like You. Not Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Jesus, you assholes are never satisfied. Feel grateful that he's even producing new music after all the hate he gets. 

3 years ago


0:00 - 0:08 Déjà vu. It's similar to song that I can not recall the tittle. Can you help?

3 years ago

Kiru November

I love this song

3 years ago

morgan downs

i love this song

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