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Uploaded: 2015/02/17

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Brother why'd you have to go

You left us all so soon

Remember that song I wrote

About your family years ago

Well, they're waiting for you to come home

What I do what do I say

And dad tells me to pray

So I've prayed and prayed but the hurt won't go away

The pain gets worse it never stops

And I've asked The Lord for us to swap

I beg and plead cause you have kids to feed

Why is it always stormy weather

Brother tell me if it all gets better

Why did you leave why did you die?

You finally made your brother cry

I know your watching over us tonight

I'm sorry I missed your call

I wasn't there for you at all

And know I thought it through

Maybe if I answered you

That you would still be here

All along

Now no more calls can't you see

I took for granted family

And once their gone you'll never get that back

No more laughs no more hugs

So hold on to the ones you love

Your soul is free I love you Anthony


2 years ago


Ronnie has been through so much. I've yet to be disappointed by his work. Beautiful song...

2 years ago

Andie the wolf

One of my friends told me to look this up and I balled the first time I heard. Then me and her listened to it and balled together. First time ever I seen her cry. 

2 years ago

Grant Chapman

Do they have any songs that sound like God if your above? I like that one a lot, but all this other stuff is terrible.

2 years ago

Mira Kelly

anyone who doesn't like this has a serious problem

2 years ago

Fuzi0n_ kix

I've heard this song a thousand times and I still cry and get the chills every time 

2 years ago

Emma Adams

Oh my god....I don't have words I am just simply crying right now.

2 years ago


I think it was his friend because in chemical prisoner he said I missed a call from a friend I knew and found out a few days later he passed away

2 years ago


This song is fucking amazing. So sad, so much emotion. Fucking beautiful \m/

2 years ago

anime nerd central

:'( i hate sad songs but i love this one

2 years ago

panda kylee

The most best song Ronnie has made, its beautiful

2 years ago


chills, chills, tears.

2 years ago

Mogar The Great

I am trying my best not to cry...but i have to this is very emotional and very sad :'(

2 years ago

reyna hdez

I'm crying with ronnie! I love my bro so fucking much!

2 years ago


This brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to it. In 2008 my brother took his own life while we were home by ourselves. 7 years of confusion. 7 years of sorrow.7 years of anger. 7 years of guilt. 7 years of pain. 7 years have past and the pain is still there. The question of why is still there. Along side of the guilt and anger. And always will be. Never take your family for granted. Dont wait m

2 years ago


Really gets to me every time... :(

2 years ago

Cassidy Rosa

We love you Ronnie. We really do. Stay strong and please, rest in paradise Anthony. Nobody is perfect, but Ronnie surely isn't just an asshole. We all have a heart. "Hold on to the ones you love."

2 years ago


I'm hiding behind a pillow to not be caught crying by my family. Shit.

2 years ago


f*cking onions.

2 years ago

yady kaulitz

Every time I hear it I cry.

2 years ago

walkthisworld alone

This song just hits me so fucking hard. I just can't help but cry

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