Fall Out Boy - Save Rock And Roll (Part 11 of 11) ft. Elton John video free download

Duration: 06:21
Uploaded: 2014/05/25

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Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles - "Save Rock and Roll (feat. Elton John)" - Part 11 of 11

Watch the other parts here http://bit.ly/1fvsQD3 Watch the full uncut longform video here:http://bit.ly/1sBD1Mu

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Music video by Fall Out Boy performing Save Rock and Roll. (C) 2014 The Island Def Jam Music Group


1 year ago

Bradley Barber

My theory is that the "masked ones" want to destroy rock and roll so they hire the girls to capture FOB and retrieve the case since FOB are the last resistance of rock and roll and to keep them of stealing the case back the turn one of them on the others and doing so all of FOB are exterminated and god (elton john) gives them another chance to save rock and roll and when they reach the base of the "masked ones" which they already had the case opened so the "death of rock and roll" (death) could destroy FOB but as the leader of the "masked ones" greets "death" the leader is killed and the rest realise "death" isnt on their side they attempt to escape while everyone else is murdered but FOB attempt to stop "death" and both "death" and FOB are defeated and elton john is covered in the blood of what is the remains of FOB....... make sense to you lot? If it doesnt then owell i understand what is meant to say and also as a little back story about death he originally started with two sickles and around 1 billion kills later his blades were destroyed so he got a scythe as his new weapon and anyways peace out

1 year ago

Shelby Boyd

Can someone explain what just happened in the last 11 videos.I pulled a no-no and watched them all in almost a hour.My brain can't comprehend what happened.The second video was just like a big ball of anxiety for me.BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

1 year ago

chris lazo

4:48 the combination is 0,0,0 wow

1 year ago

Haadi Hussain

I thought one guy went to hell

1 year ago

Heidi LouLou

Patrick ♡

1 year ago

Kegan York

well that's an expensive music video throwing fake blood on brand new suits O o (_ _ _ _ _ _ __)

1 year ago

Alex Summers


1 year ago

Shruti S.

these comments are fabulousI love this fandom so much

1 year ago

Ann Vas

1 year ago

Minister of RockandSoul

Who says R&R is dead....Sheeeeeit, not yet Bicthes. 

1 year ago

Sidney Martinez

I have found my people..

1 year ago

Haadi Hussain

I loved the whole thing but the end aka the last 20 sevonds were retarded 

1 year ago

Ivreen Metana

save rocky road~

1 year ago

Skullritz Gaming

5:09 SCP-047 why are you in this video ?!?!?!?!?

1 year ago

Emily Sifford

My overall favorite song.

1 year ago

Jaidan Bates

You know what? Scratch my last post. They really out did their self and probably made the videos for acward entertainment...THE REBIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL IS AMASING!! POOOOOOOOOP! God got blood on his favorite suit and tie! You see what I did there. SUIT AND TIE! Like the J.T. song= suit and tie?Ccccccccccccoooooooommmmmmmeeeeeee ooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! It's kind of funny....

1 year ago

Hannah Backus

Poor Patrick not only did he lose his hand but he lost his fedora that's the real tragedy 

1 year ago

Rafidah Ahmed


1 year ago

jacob bottlee

The electric from their guitars reminded me of the spongebob goofy goober rock music video

1 year ago

Rocket Racoon

So, uhh... Do they save rock 'n roll or not?

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