Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 04:32
Uploaded: 2014/10/17

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2 years ago

alisha nichols

i love this song

2 years ago

Makenzie Vickers

0:46 pete's face

2 years ago


How did it all ended? by the way whats about that ending (Rick Ross)

2 years ago

Micca Van Heerden

i like the song but the video is Shit with a capital S!

2 years ago

Apophis Omar Siddiqui

This is about DAVID VS. GOLIATH. very creative, it probably did happen at the coliseum.

2 years ago

Kevin Spacey

A Justib Bieber king,a fat bearded guy that got headshoted......looks familiar.

2 years ago

Date a Shido

I'm lovin' it... and I'm not talking about Big Mac from McDonalds

2 years ago

Berler Bear

But..... Patricks hand didn't fall off :'(

2 years ago

Shery Awad

4:00 to 4:31 WTF???

2 years ago


I will tear the skin of any person that dares to call this rock or metal..

2 years ago


This sounds like a song that Ubisoft would use in a Assassin's Creed cinematic trailer.

2 years ago

Annie Claude

I associate this song to assassin's creed. Sorry for bad english

2 years ago

DeOndre Fountain

Let me tell you something God is real John Pastom or whatever 

2 years ago

Caroline Conner

i'm sorry I can't take Patrick stump seriously

2 years ago


Sorry Patrick but you are too adorable to be a warriors.

2 years ago

Abraham Gonzalez

lol age of empires map

2 years ago

Zoe Koveikis

I mean songs 

2 years ago

Zoe Koveikis

Sup yo your song are awsome plase make an nother one

2 years ago


I will remember this song for CENTURIES!

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