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Duration: 05:10
Uploaded: 2008/12/22

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Band: Exodus

Album:Bonded by Blood (1984)

Song: No Love

-Paul Baloff- Vocals

-Gary Holt- Guitars

-Rick Hunolt- Guitars

-Rob McKillop- Bass

-Tom Hunting- Drums


Come into my home

Lack master rules the night

See the power start to surge

Upon a hellish sight

It's time to raise them up

Up from below the grave

White bones glow savagery

Provide the light we crave

Turn to look at Baphomet

From below and not above

Welcome to my sacrifice

tonight There will be no love

The darkness is my lover

She makes he feel strong

Take what I want, when I want

And that I do no wrong

When I walk the streets

Got Loki on my side

Slit your throat, drink your blood

Who cares when others die

Turn to look at Baphomet

From below and not above

Welcome to my sacrifice

Tonight there will be no love

You thought you'd live for oh 50 long

Now it's your turn to die

Live with Satan down in hell

Born to forever cry

Took your life I don't feel bad

Born to live in hell

Died for nothing, slow decay

Your body starts to smell


1. "Bonded by Blood"

- 3:48

2. "Exodus"

- 4:09

3. "And Then There Were None"

- 4:44

4. "A Lesson in Violence"

- 3:49

5. "Metal Command"

- 4:16

6. "Piranha"

- 3:50

7. "No Love"

- 5:11

8. "Deliver Us to Evil"

- 7:11

9. "Strike of the Beast"

- 3:56

Total: 40:49


3 years ago

Adam Montre

rip mr baloff

3 years ago



3 years ago

Duvian Mejia


3 years ago

Joao H Nogueira

Exodus - No Love

3 years ago


trash metal really give me no emotions, really fuckin old sound, no meaningfull videos, poor lyrics, so why the fuck you closed mind "TRVUE" metaller hate genres like deathcore/metalcore/post hardcore that actually have really meaningfull lyrics, videos, concept behind it, i really don't understand.

4 years ago

steeler horrorcore

Für die,die mich auch haten!!!

4 years ago


come into my homeblack master rules the nightsee the power start to surgeupon a hellish sightit's time to raise them upup from below the gravewhite bones glow savageryprovide the light we craveturn to look at baphometfrom below and not abovewelcome to my sacrificetonight there'll be no lovethe darkness is my lovershe makes he feel strongtake what I want, when I wantat night I do no wrongwhen I walk the streetsgot loki on my sideslit your throat, drink your bloodwho cares when others dieturn to look at baphometfrom below and not abovewelcome to my sacrificetonight there'll be no loveyou thought you'd live for oh so longnow it's your turn to dielive with satan down in hellborn to forever crytook your life I don't feel badborn to live in helldied for nothing. slow decayyour body starts to smell

4 years ago

Irem Soyak

i love it when the songs starts so slowly and lovely then thrash begins.

4 years ago

Eric Slash

I would say metallica is one of the greatest heavy metal band,not thrash metal.Black album is still good,but the next few albums really went downhill.....metallica don't create thrash things like their first 4 albums anymore so they don't deserve to get the name of 'thrash metal big four' exodus should replace them.I totally agree you.

4 years ago


hook me up with the number of your dealer... umm nvm, actually dont

4 years ago


I have to agree all of those bands are better than Metallica.Don't get me wrong i like Metallica but there is better thrash metal bands out their.

4 years ago

Humberto Cervantes

No love for me

4 years ago

Nizin Lopez

No love .....at least somebody says it.

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