Exodus - Bonded By Blood video free download

Duration: 03:47
Uploaded: 2008/06/18

Artist: Exodus

Album: Bonded By Blood

Year: 1985

Bonded By Blood

Black magic rites on this black evil night

Begin with the slice of the blade

Metal and blood come together as one

Onlookers they gasp in dismay

Taste the sweet blood of one another

Sharing without any greed

Bang you head as if up from the dead

Intense metal is all that you need

Murder in the front row

Crowd begins to bang

And there's blood upon the stage

Bang you head against the stage

And metal takes it's price

Bonded by blood

Metal takes hold death starts to unfold

It's loud like the worlds at an end

Your in a blood fury the metal won't stop

Onlookers they bang at command

Cutting your palm and drinking your blood

The power that few others dare

You feed the need to go out and kill

The same need that your blood brother shares

Murder in the front row crowd begins to bang

And there's blood upon the stage

Bang your head against the stage

And metal takes it's price

Bonded by blood


2 years ago

abraham serrano

i think rob dukes its a way better in this song, its a personal opinion

2 years ago

Jeremy Gillihan

It totally should've been the big seven with exodus, testament, and overkill instead of just the big four.

2 years ago

American Smoker


2 years ago

Fermao Mortis

Exodus - Bonded By Blood

3 years ago

Dave Meidinger

This sounds so much like Venom's Black Metal it trips me out.

3 years ago

Hombre De Bano

Wait is there a Testament vs. Exodus rivalry like the Metallica vs. Megadeth?

3 years ago

Lord Jooj

Esse Paul cantava sem emoção taloco

3 years ago


sorry guys, but testament is better

3 years ago


........You've got to be joking

3 years ago


Why is this band so underrated? 

3 years ago

Alessandro Centorrino

Exodus - Bonded By Blood.

3 years ago

Alexander Cook

Bang thy head indeed. An undisputed thrash classic with Baloff's bonkers vocals driving it into your ears.Whoever thinks Baloff was a weak vocalist, go and listen to shite like BMTH or Asking Alexandria.

3 years ago


These oldschool echoing thrash vocals are so cool.

3 years ago


These guys played a gig with venom and slayer fucking awesome saw it on YouTube which reminds me to add that back on my playlist

3 years ago


Deffinataly head bangers song I had this in 93 my favorite I love heavey metal

3 years ago

Black Magik

One of if not the best thrash albums.

3 years ago


Metal heads are bonded by blood!

3 years ago

Scotty J.

#EXODUS~ "Bonded By Blood" ...what an "Iconic" Thrash Metal Masterpiece! It never fails...

3 years ago

terry hetero

Korn???? R u freakn kidding me! No offense at all but they r so freakn weak and r barely metal. 

3 years ago

Joe Kent

Just because I left for a while does NOT mean class is dismissed. The semester is beginning...new students welcome. First assignment....learn the Korn discography. Second assignment, BUY Korn music, do not download. Stealing from the ones who invented true metal is spineless and pathetic. Pay for greatness.