Exodus - Another Lesson in Violence w/ Kati - Tidal Wave 11 video free download

Duration: 05:24
Uploaded: 2008/07/20

Exodus teaches us another lesson in violence. With special guest Kati.


2 years ago


a lesson in violin...

3 years ago


are there any other vids with her playing this song? cant really hear it very well

3 years ago

Area-C Pavia

We love Exodus and we love Kati

3 years ago


Would you bang her while she plays this shit ?

3 years ago


You're not really going to get the violin crowd here to appreciate this ... but it's hard to play her part that fast. And yeah, it's too bad Rob couldn't have given here a warmer welcome other than the Delawareans penchant for jerking off. :/ 

3 years ago


hi kati

3 years ago

Coco D Rey

the idea itself is not bad at allbut the execution of it is the worst and I hearddoes not match the violin for anything musically

3 years ago

glory torome

Rob I know you are not in some fine dining establishment but man show some dignity.  Just because its a metal concert does not mean you have to act like a moron.  Complete trash.    RIP Paul

3 years ago

Norbit CleaverHook

I'd bang my head against that bitch.

3 years ago


God Rob is such low class... and very fucking annoying...

3 years ago


Jeez security here sucks. Look at all those fucking morons getting up on staging and trying to ruin the song!

3 years ago


Astounding and amazing, why don't more people push boundaries like that, her solo was incredible. I say that as an Exodus fan since '85...

3 years ago


those legs ! cutie 

3 years ago

Сергей Иванов


3 years ago

J. H.

Why have they still got guitars during this one?! You can't hear them because of the violin!!! A VIOlin in VIOlence :)

3 years ago

jose antonio macias espinosa

ni porque sea mina ni porque sea oriental simplemente la huea suena fea con la cagada de violin

3 years ago


ummm kati is hot and she rocks what a girl...:p

4 years ago


Lesson in Violins? Like. Awesome.

4 years ago


but who is she?

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