Exodus - And Then There Were None (soundcheck 1985) video free download

Duration: 07:58
Uploaded: 2009/02/19

And Then There Were None,soundcheck before of concert at Dynamo (1985).

Classic line-up:

Paul Baloff - vocals

Gary Holt - lead guitar

Rick Hunolt - rhythmic guitar

Rob McKillop - bass

Tom Hunting - drums


2 years ago

James Taylor

awesome footage..thanks for sharing

3 years ago

Jason Beckerist

2:54 Paul style thrash :D

3 years ago

Stavros Stavrou

Exodus sound check 1985 

3 years ago

shane barge

bbb great album,great upload.

3 years ago


The fact that they're barely moving at all (and I'm sure they're not the only ones) during the soundcheck and then acting all out of control during the gig makes me wonder, is there a fundamental difference between "going wild" for a show and "posing" for a show? I'm not hating on them, BBB is an undisputed masterpiece IMO, I do like some of their later albums too and I never got into hair metal, but how was the irony of "kill all posers" lost on Baloff?And yes, killer tune, great version, belated thanks for uploading.

3 years ago

Martinez Carlos

great stuff. thanks 

3 years ago

junior ribeiro


3 years ago

Lee Soarez

Tom Hunting... what a drummer!

3 years ago

Moisés Dias Neto

Exodus - And Then There Were None (soundcheck 198…: 

3 years ago


Whats the song?

3 years ago



3 years ago


2:53 we call that there, the Baloff shuffle.

3 years ago

Sean Wheeler


3 years ago


The one and only Paul Baloff.Those were great times.

3 years ago


This takes me back a day or two. I love sound checks :) EXODUS :) :) :) ROCK ON!!!!!

3 years ago

DirtyBeard Chandler


4 years ago

Christian Leon Cervantes

what a video, thanks man

4 years ago


The first album was the best trashalbum ever,Paul is king

4 years ago



4 years ago

roman walczak

classic exodus i love the 1st album

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