Enter Shikari - Hoodwinker (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 04:04
Uploaded: 2016/10/10

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Director - Matt Farman & Rou Reynolds

Editor - Oleg Rooz

Producer - Everyone!

DOP/A-Cam - Matt Farman

B-Cam - Daniel Miles

1AC/BTS - Edward Rolfe

Boat Crew - Jim Reynolds / Ed Rolfe / Dan Miles


11 months ago


Рандомный комментарий на русском языке

11 months ago


this better be on the next album i swear to god

11 months ago


I want to see the behind the scenes for this video, especially when they're splashing about it in the water xD

11 months ago

Jarroad Allongay

While BMTH churns out some mediocre pop rock, Shikari kicks it with an awesome beatdown in its song.

11 months ago

Marc Wittkowski

Sure. Brits out in the sun for 6 days without a sunburn.

11 months ago

Jason Krypczyk

saw them lice Halloween this year at O2 London it was so lit

11 months ago

Jamie Smith

Hang on, if there's no land in sight, how do you know the tide is against you?

11 months ago


Really trying to like their new stuff. Guess I'm just stuck in the past

11 months ago


Sounds a lot like SOAD sometimes, i like!

11 months ago


I was at the bmth concert at the 02 arena last night and enter shikari played as well and it was awesome

11 months ago

Yannick Slowig

Just heard the Gema (Germany) and Youtube agreed to a contract and that most of those vids blocked with the red table are available now. First thing to check: "Enter Shikari"! It works! No Restriction! What a great day! :-)

11 months ago

Daniel Bohnen

This one of 3 Songs how i now love

11 months ago

Kelly Collins


11 months ago


The moral is: "DONT DRINK SALT WATER!!"

11 months ago

Paches Pacheco

Caralho, fico do caralho.

11 months ago

Rui Carneiro


11 months ago

Cactus Ubriachi

that breakdown tho

11 months ago

Paul Shabby

O`huenno, isn`t it? :)

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