Enter Shikari - Hoodwinker (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 04:04
Uploaded: 2016/10/10

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Director - Matt Farman & Rou Reynolds

Editor - Oleg Rooz

Producer - Everyone!

DOP/A-Cam - Matt Farman

B-Cam - Daniel Miles

1AC/BTS - Edward Rolfe

Boat Crew - Jim Reynolds / Ed Rolfe / Dan Miles


9 months ago


Рандомный комментарий на русском языке

9 months ago


this better be on the next album i swear to god

9 months ago


I want to see the behind the scenes for this video, especially when they're splashing about it in the water xD

9 months ago

Jarroad Allongay

While BMTH churns out some mediocre pop rock, Shikari kicks it with an awesome beatdown in its song.

9 months ago

Marc Wittkowski

Sure. Brits out in the sun for 6 days without a sunburn.

9 months ago

Jason Krypczyk

saw them lice Halloween this year at O2 London it was so lit

9 months ago

Jamie Smith

Hang on, if there's no land in sight, how do you know the tide is against you?

9 months ago


Really trying to like their new stuff. Guess I'm just stuck in the past

9 months ago


Sounds a lot like SOAD sometimes, i like!

9 months ago


I was at the bmth concert at the 02 arena last night and enter shikari played as well and it was awesome

9 months ago

Yannick Slowig

Just heard the Gema (Germany) and Youtube agreed to a contract and that most of those vids blocked with the red table are available now. First thing to check: "Enter Shikari"! It works! No Restriction! What a great day! :-)

9 months ago

Daniel Bohnen

This one of 3 Songs how i now love

9 months ago

Kelly Collins


9 months ago


The moral is: "DONT DRINK SALT WATER!!"

9 months ago

Paches Pacheco

Caralho, fico do caralho.

9 months ago

Rui Carneiro


10 months ago

Cactus Ubriachi

that breakdown tho

10 months ago

Paul Shabby

O`huenno, isn`t it? :)

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