Eminem - Phenomenal (Lyric Video) video free download

Duration: 04:47
Uploaded: 2015/06/17

Phenomenal, from the Southpaw soundtrack out now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/EmPhenomenal

and Google Play: http://smarturl.it/PhenomenalGP













2 years ago

Turtle Guy1001

When I first heard this song I didn't really like it but now I see the lyrics and I hear his verses much better, I gotta admit this is a good song :)

2 years ago


Illest ever

2 years ago

cleverslim T

people who dont like this song havent been reading the lyrics.

2 years ago

Haley Lawrence

Emeinem if you were a good person you would ansewer this are you having a concert for 2015?

2 years ago

Тимур Нуриев

Это лучшее, что я слышал

2 years ago


This is utter shit. The lyrics read like an article from a snake oil self help magazine.

2 years ago


I love his get up tracks like this, till I collapse, rabbit run , not afraid, talkin 2 myself, survival Cinderella man, guts over fear, way I amBut I wanna hear him have fun with a catchy beat like.... Anyman (including intro) if I get locked up, infinite, as the world turns, business, hello, cum on everybody, bagpipes from bagdahad 

2 years ago

Justin Arnold

Good song

2 years ago

Ty Cox

I had to listen to it and relate. Eminem speaks truth unlike these other rappers. These other rappers sold y'all dreams and tell you what you want to hear and never been through shit. Since pac and biggie Eminem has been #1 in my book 

2 years ago


I realy love eminem songs,but this is... well i even dont have the word to describe it, i dont think that this is the worst song, but can somebody explane me what is this song about? Thanks! 

2 years ago

Bro Man

Not the best Eminem song ever.... but wasn't to bad .

2 years ago

horris penelope

Eminem sucks ass. Lil wayne the true rap god. This white piece of shit sucks ass. Phenomal more like gay ass shitomal

2 years ago

Fazliuu Menager

very doog mysik <3

2 years ago

Patrick Williams

Make a new album

2 years ago


Bizimkilere özenmiş Lirik Video flan :) işiniz gücünüz calıntı dermişim

2 years ago


Eminem you are Phenomenal.

2 years ago

Vika Zakharova

you are Phenomenal it's true! <3 :*

2 years ago


I saw eminem vevo had uploaded a new song and I was excited to hear it but it just disappointed me. :/

2 years ago

Sandeep Rawat


2 years ago

Your Shady

People can say that Em isn't like in 99-04, but this one make some true lyrics; the old Shady only have made Diss, trash-talking on his mother, and insults fags and bitches (for our pleasure of course :D). But this Eminem have a deep and mature flow, lyrics are insanes and there is a true emotion on this song. (Sorry for my bad english, and this is JUST MY OPINION, ok stans ?)

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