Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna video free download

Duration: 04:27
Uploaded: 2010/08/05

Music video by Eminem performing Love The Way You Lie. © 2010 Aftermath Records

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2 years ago

Spartan 01

I liked Eminems songs before he was my favorite rapper he wasn't like the other talking about making money and using money on strippers and shit but now something is different but I just don't know what it is just his songs now aren't as good as before

2 years ago

Darlene Jollymore

Still love it...cant stop listening...and its 2015!!!!!

2 years ago

evangelia katycat

''palio'' alla oraio

2 years ago

Kelmar HD

Now we know what Merry did after Mordor

2 years ago

Tchoumi Cedric

je kiff le song !!

2 years ago

Dong Ngoduc


2 years ago

Titan TV: Music

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2 years ago

Renee B

when you realize the guy on the bed is charlie from lost

2 years ago

kawtar fodil


2 years ago

Felix Eduardo

Eminem... the Best !!!!!... great song

2 years ago

Juan Navarro

Paque matisen....

2 years ago

Hung nguyen van nguyen

Hayyyyy ghê

2 years ago

John Doe

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2 years ago

melisa jaime

Muy lindo tema, aunque no entiendo lo que dice c: jajajajaja xd

2 years ago


Sigue siendo tan buena como siempre, no me canso de escucharla es genial. .. :)

2 years ago

joe bennett

Lol that guy that was fighting with that girl, looks like merry from lord of the rings:/

2 years ago

Mary Ennis

I totally love this..well,,all of Marshalls jams!! I think it's amazing how he came from moving every couple of months between St.Joseph Missouri,where he was born,,to Detroit & back & forth,,,Coming out of it all,on top! He's an insperation,(at least to me who lived in over half the states and many towns in each one)..His acting is also top of the line.Thank God,that it all worked out for him and US..

2 years ago

Leon Singh

I'm glad Eminem didn't have a son cuz he wouldn't be able to fill his shoes

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