Eminem - Hailie's Revenge (Ja Rule Diss) - LYRICS!!! video free download

Duration: 05:14
Uploaded: 2009/04/28

The Eminem Diss on Ja Rule and murder inc!!

This song is also called "Do Rae Me"

Great Song :D


2 years ago

K.O.V Apostrophe

Kuniva killed it lol frfr

2 years ago

Brianna Fry

That was unnecessary for Ja Rule to go after a child. Haile had nothing to do with them. That was straight up rude.

2 years ago

Diego Cruz

the end Hailey:is Jarule taller than me?Eminem:na honey yall the same size. lol

2 years ago

Nikeva Riley

Em in the background willing out

2 years ago

René Rene

That line of Ja Rule was better than the whole song.

2 years ago

Alis Sibic

Eminem is my favorite artist of all time, but this is the worst song of all time

2 years ago

Mikey Colby Lampert

Fuck ja fuck irv and fuck suge 

2 years ago

Alexander Tinoco

Who the fuck is Ja Rule? I'm being serious never heard of him

2 years ago

Adrian Martinez

Ja rule got cremated, very bad

2 years ago

Utkarsh Kumar

"Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?""No honey, you guys are the same size"BRUTALITY!

2 years ago

John Robles

Obie deserves more credit 

2 years ago

4evetbvbarmys fallen angel

Jab rule got what he deserved it's one thing to diss g unit but to bring Eminem's daughter into it that's fucked up

2 years ago

Kade McDonald

R.I.P Proof

2 years ago


Am I the only one who thinks this diss is whack?

2 years ago

Quiet One

lol I spit out my drink at Kuniva's Tyrannosaurus Rex line.

2 years ago

NINOU souala

Hailey: "Daddy is "ja rule" taller than me" Eminem: no honey you guys are the same size" hhhhhhahaa

2 years ago


Kuniva's verse was by far the best

2 years ago

Justis Hanson

its called Hailie's revenge Eminem onl does the hook why

2 years ago

Seby AndriSan

Came for EminemStayed for G-Unit

2 years ago

Jake Mitchell

And after this we never heard from Ja-Rule again, killed dead by Eminem, D12, and 50 Cent.

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