Elvis Presley - How Great Thou Art video free download

Duration: 02:45
Uploaded: 2007/03/17

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Elvis really LOVED that gospel-song! He sang it over and over again! Also very recommendable if you'd like to know more about Elvis and his love for gospel-music:

1.) "Elvis Presley - He Touched Me Vol. 1 & 2 - The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley" (2 DVDs)

2.) "Prayers of Elvis" (by M. Wilson, www.elvisgospel.com/links.html)

3.) "Elvis - Peace in the Valley. The complete Gospel recordings" (3 Audio-CDs).

4.) "The Touch Of Two Kings. Growing Up At Graceland. A True Story" (by Elvis' stepbrother Rick Stanley who' s an evangelist now).

"Caught in a trap" (Rick Stanley - one of the most interesting insider - books!)

5.) "Elvis - His Love For Gospel Music And J.D. Sumner" (J.D. Sumner with Bob Terrell)

6.) "Elvis and Gladys" ("The most fine grainded Elvis bio ever ..." by Elaine Dundy)

7.) Aug. 2007: "The Gospel Side Of Elvis" (Joe Moscheo - one of Elvis' background singers)

Performance dates:

April 9, 1972. E.S. Hampton Roads, V.I. (Live Recording For Elvis On Tour).

Vocals: Kathy Westmoreland, The Sweet Inspirations, J. D. Sumner & The Stamps


1 year ago

jessie james

who can beat that voice? i ws riding the train today and praying . I had this song in front of me in my prayer book and was thinking how elvis sang it. wonderful.. made me happy

1 year ago

Diana Brantley

I got cold chills all over me listening to him sing this. May you Rest in Peace Elvis !!

1 year ago

Maxine Ajieulek Lewis

I grew up with you and two songs i love the most battle hymn of the republic and amazing grace and one more how great tho are and my mother liked return to sender the very last song she heard before she pass-away rip elvis arron Presley 

1 year ago

márcia m castilhos MELL

❤️ God bless You Elvis ❤️ ı love you so mucH ❤️

1 year ago


At 1:44 you can see Donnie Sumner. He's the singer with the Mustache. He and his uncle JD Sumner sang with Elvis for years. I personally know Donnie and to this day he cannot talk about Elvis without tearing up. He loved him dearly. Donnie Sumner is such a great man, with such a great heart. He said Elvis was the kindest man he ever knew. I believe that.

1 year ago


395 thumbs down. Can people really be this dumb?

1 year ago

Tami Quigley

Beautiful rendition by Elvis, his version is the best of this song anywhere! Love the song and Elvis always!

1 year ago

Monik Kohnke

must be in heaven with lord !!! OMG how great is Lord!!!Amen

1 year ago

Mav James

Brilliant truly brilliant

1 year ago


the king sings gospel

1 year ago

siv stefansson

Only Elvis can sing like this he is wonderful.

1 year ago

Ricardo Rubinos

I pretty song elvis this is beautiful Artistas.

1 year ago

anna maria facchiano

He is not only singing, he is praying.

1 year ago

Danny Boy

Through all his struggles Elvis always loved the Lord. Elvis is at peace now with Jesus. Til someday...

1 year ago

Jan Christian

How Great Thou Art

1 year ago

Genny Scott

Would love his gospel CD but I can't find.....any help I will be very great full. Thank you!!

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