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HQ-Video. Elvis Presley - Hound Dog (1956) Bereits 1953 ein Hit fuer Big Mama Thornton.


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Peggy Sun

Elvis Presley(1937~1977) King of Rock and roll。Rock and roll是二次大戰後重要的流行音樂,是美國白人Country music 以吉他伴奏的方式,加上以rhythm-and-blus為back beat的效果,加上黑人的唱腔,歌詞改為白人能接受的文字(單純的、愛情的、求愛的)情歌方式表達 ,也反應出對時代的反抗。在樂器方面Rock and roll使用了電吉他來製造節奏和弦律、電bass和鼓以及其他的樂器。歌曲內容就是在過去白人的流行歌曲像Tin Pan Alley and blues中尋找靈感。演唱方式是模仿黑人較直接的boogie-noogie的演唱方式,以及溶入了過去鄉村音樂的演唱方式。而Rock and roll之所以成為美國最重要的流行,主要的開始是Bill Haley的Rock Around the Clock這首歌,Rock and roll這種樂種之所以會成為Rock and roll也跟Rock Around the Clock脫離不了關係。而在Bill Haley之後,真正的搖滾巨星Elvis Presley出現,Rock and roll可以算是1960年代全世界最重要的流行。

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Valtatuí soares de almeida

Elvis Presley - Hound Dog (1956) HD 0815007

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The Beatles were so much better

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HOUND DOG/獵犬Rhythm and BluesWIllie Mae 演唱(1952) 之後Elvis Presley翻唱 (King of ROCK n ROLL) (1956)而成為他的成名曲戰後反叛世代的一種曲風,由黑人樂種(較粗俗帶有性暗示)發展,在城市地區流行起來以人聲、鋼琴、低音大提琴、電吉他、鼓配製而成

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Craig Gordon

I'm pretty sure he was highly influenced by a young man named Forest Gump. ;)

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Americas original bad ass....

3 years ago

manji jhon

hi-story ?

3 years ago

Andree Rey

RipElvis We all miss him

3 years ago

Luke Hamrock

Elvis Presley started a new trend in music. This was controversial at the time considering it was only 1956. Elvis had sex appeal and if there had to be someone new, young, exciting, and fresh then that was The King himself Elvis Presley. Elvis had it all....the rhythm, the soul, the looks, the moves. He basically performed songs better than the original and people loved him and still love him, and adore him to this day just like myself. Elvis truly was the full package deal and it is unfortunate that later in his life he got bored with performing at the Las Vegas Hilton. Elvis did two shows a night and did not get to perform in other countries due to Col. Parker and his immigration status. I believe if Elvis could have branch out he would have had a new challenge and also been much more creative which is what every artist needs.

3 years ago

Kazu Tophill

Elvis's hound dog! His leg movements wonderful.

3 years ago

Dave Pipe

1956 - Elvis Presley made his second appearance on Milton Berle’s "Texaco Star Theatre". During the performance, Presley abruptly halted an up-tempo rendition of "Hound Dog" with a wave of his arm and launched into a slow, grinding version accentuated with energetic, exaggerated body movements. "Elvis the Pelvis" was born!#dapimusic #mymusichangout #rockabilly #rocknroll #ElvisPresley #onthisday #onthisdate #coversong #WillieMaeBigMamaThornton 

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Elvis Presley - Hound Dog (1956) HD 0815007Elvis Presley可以說是美國第一位搖滾巨星。這首Hound Dog原來是12小節的blus1952 Big Maman所演唱的。後來1956由The King of Rock Elvis Presley將它模仿再翻唱,成為這位 Rock and Road音樂家的成名曲。Rock and Road是將白人的Country music加上黑人的 Rhythm~and~blus節奏藍調再加上黑人的唱腔。樂器上使用電吉他和鼓來打節奏。情歌表達的方式,原來歌詞都是比較不為白人接受的粗俗情色語彙,在戰後1960年代流行於美國帶起風靡全球的熱潮,也是反映出時代的反抗。101210175寫。

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Pamela Mack

He still makes me shiver!

3 years ago

Diellza Mazhiqi

His moves❤️

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