Elvis Presley - Don't be cruel video free download

Duration: 02:40
Uploaded: 2008/04/26

elvis presley don't be cruel, new clip of this famous song


2 years ago

joseluis magaña

Por q los grandes se van

2 years ago

portugal moreno

Rock? o que é ahahahah é o melhor que existe.....

2 years ago

Blonde Viking

I think women can be very cruel when it comes to emotions we just wrap you around our little finger and use it as we see fit :DGuilty as charged done that every woman has it's in our nature can't help it :)

2 years ago

jacques SAGOT

tout est dit !!

2 years ago

Elena M. T.

Para ti .

2 years ago

Praful Daya


2 years ago

chendea cristian

Is for the soul this song.

2 years ago

Mike Morrissey

He's the King,he will always be THE KING........

2 years ago

Lembit Punapart

Elvis Presley was larger than life.

2 years ago

jeffrey wayne


2 years ago

Mark Vianen

He still makes 150 million a year.

2 years ago

Giacinto Esposito

Elvis grandissimo re

2 years ago


Fantastic clip, well done, thank you very much. Such a Royal talent, THE KING LIVES

2 years ago

bonnie bennini


2 years ago

Misty Jacobs

+Tommy Petersen have you seen this? I love it. It brings Elvis to the present without being tacky. I just love it.

2 years ago

Aldemar Salas

Disen q los instrumentos tienen vida propia ésa Guitarra dé Elvis qere hablar

3 years ago

Angel MalVida

Isnt that song at the beggining of the breabikng bad intro?

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