Elton John - Someone Saved My Life Tonight (solo live 1976) video free download

Duration: 06:53
Uploaded: 2008/03/17

elton john - someone saved my life tonight (solo live 1976)


2 years ago

Luis Magalhães Pereira

Two Masters at work: Elton & Bernie! Outstanding song, lyrics and performance!

2 years ago

kristien marie

Save my life

2 years ago

Terry Westbrook-Lienert

This was my personal anthem back in the day, when I got out of a dangerous relationship by the skin of my teeth, with the advice and help of those close to me. I'm so glad I never married the abusing SOB

2 years ago


A movie could be made based off these lyrics.

2 years ago


I've heard a lot of singers. But this guy is truly the best. I'm 62 and I've heard a lot of singers. Elton is the very best.

2 years ago

George M

This song, when you think about it, can be taken in the sense of saving someone's physical life; it can also be taken in a spiritual sense, I find.

2 years ago

Dave Pipe

1975 - Elton John’s "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" album was released U.S. It was the first album to be certified a million-seller on its first day of release.And this was the only single released from it.#dapimusic #mymusichangout #softrock #EltonJohn #onthisday #onthisdate 

2 years ago

Eve Waldhauer

Here's the year for this +James Moore​. My parents got a divorce in 1977. Explains a lot. ..

2 years ago


i'm fucking crying......

2 years ago

FustGamer Black


2 years ago

Ben Lewis

piano only my god itll tickle ya deeper down than satans feathers

2 years ago

Christine Plymouth

I remember when this came out in 1975, it was the best thing anyone had ever heard, sold out instantly !

2 years ago

J.A. M.F

goddamn that's good shit, he was and still is a stellar live performer

2 years ago

Christopher Milford

A true artist.

2 years ago

Gerry Ryan.

Much better than the studio version.

2 years ago

Sharon Ross

He's sooooo awesome!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Meshel S

someone saved my life tonight~

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