Elton John - Moon River video free download

Duration: 04:59
Uploaded: 2008/02/09

Moon River, wider than a mile,

I'm crossing you in style some day.

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,

wherever you're going I'm going your way.

Two drifters off to see the world.

There's such a lot of world to see.

We're after the same rainbow's end--

waiting 'round the bend,

my huckleberry friend,

Moon River and me.


2 years ago

Michel Lauzon

Wow, I'm happy this morning that I have found this video. A great song and a great singer. Bravo Elton John and Henry Mancinni.

2 years ago

Hans Bjorgman

Beautiful. <3

2 years ago

Nathan Appleton

God he is good

2 years ago

Wanda Jane Trusett

2 years ago

HansPeter Mueller

Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:

2 years ago


really an 2 young 2 know this song- MY GOD IT IS AMAZING- Now i want more-THANK'S

2 years ago

Lucie Rueda

binaire ou ternaire?, quels sont les differences avec la reprise de audrey hepburn? et quels sont les instruments ui composent l'orchestre de derriere?

2 years ago

Alejandro Sutono

What can I say about this timeless classic, which is the love theme from one of the most romantic movies of all time? Its protagonist, Holly Golightly, is the anti-hero amidst the hedonism of NYC's early 60s party scene.

2 years ago

Romeo Paraschivescu

..sa lasam muzica sa ne incante,simturile!

2 years ago

Sally White

Well done Elton, you've sung this song so well.

2 years ago

Saint Claire

'Moon River' - Elton John

2 years ago

Maria Aparecida


2 years ago

Артур Уракаев

Спасибо! Сэр, отлично ! 

3 years ago


I love the song, but I hate this version.

3 years ago

lsd lsd

Auch schön. ...

3 years ago

Harriet Thornton

Elton John - Moon River

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