Elton John - Live Like Horses video free download

Duration: 06:16
Uploaded: 2007/07/13

On Pavarotti and Friends For War Child


2 years ago

David Arinella

Pavarotti and Elton. SWEET!!

2 years ago


No words

2 years ago

Roger Blackwood

Who is the fucking idiot in the sunglases? That is one sorry excuse for a human, let alone a musician!

3 years ago

Matthew L'Herault

This is the song I was listening to when my dad told me my grandma died, very emotional for me to hear this

3 years ago


I always get goosebumps at 1:40, when Pavarotti sings "cavalli". So emotional and full of expression. but, WTF, who is this ugly guy with the short paints and the otherugly guy (black culed hair) who tries to play guitar like my 3 year old neighbour?

3 years ago

Lena Löfbom

Power ballad sung as opera needs to be a music style

3 years ago


Why did Cheryl, Liza and others go out there on stage? All they're doing is jigging around while the masters are at work.

3 years ago


Loved this!!! <3

3 years ago

marco brenni

One of the highest moments in Elton John's career !! Also the best performance by Pavarotti in "common" music, out of Operas. Look how much Sheryl Crow is stunning about the gigantic voice of "Big Luciano" ! A very great performance: masterpiece indeed !

3 years ago


엘튼 존 - 말처럼 라이브 전쟁 자녀에 대한 파바로티와 친구들에

3 years ago

Maribel Percival


3 years ago

Tomas Edison


3 years ago


Why is Pavarotti strangling himself with a white scarf?

3 years ago


It needs to be higher to give Pavarotti a change to use the full range and power of his voice.

3 years ago



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